No way….he can’t be serious

Gavin Newsom wants people to move from Florida to California for freedom he says


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  1. California, where ''Freedom to Choose'' means things like, ''only an electric car'', brownouts and blackouts (again, and again, and again, you guys got this right ?), the possibility your job (or even your Employer) maybe be closed for being ''Nonessential'', we may argue with you over your rainwater collector even if we're in a multi year drought, we may also argue against your ''green energy'' solar / wind system for petty grievances (even if they really are gibberish, like, No One can figure out the complaint), and we may ticket you for failure to house someone even though Blackrock / Blackstone says ''we own it now, bee-yotch''.

  2. I think people are a little to hard on this guy I mean some people like to be ruled over and live in high risk areas and have an extreme chance to get robbed or killed so we should encourage these people to make a life altering self endangering beautiful weather change of life

  3. This is such a desperate move by newsome!! I dont see anyone moving from flo to cali, but those that want to, we dont want you in flo anyway. BYE Felicia

  4. This bunch here in California are so delusional. The only thing they managed to accomplish with this commercial is to waste more of my hard-earned tax dollars. But that's okay, they're coming up with all kinds of new and innovative ways to fleece the public.
    Oh and if you do fall for it and decide to move to California you'd be wise to buy a generator before you get here. Otherwise from time to time you'll be sitting in the dark.

  5. West Hollywood recently did away with, or greatly decreased, their police department and immediately see a 135% increase in crime. Who would have thought!?!! 😂😂😂

  6. He’s getting desperate to get back the people he lost. He obviously thinks we’re stupid with this message though or maybe he’s just delusional. Maybe a little of both. No one in their right mind thinks California is more free than Florida. He’d have better luck just owning up to what he’s actually all about. Something like, “Hey, I’m Gavin Newsom. If you’re a bum who likes to 💩in the street, we’d love to have you in California. We believe that dumping sand in skateparks while businesses get looted is what’s best for our children’s future. Here in California we believe no citizen should own a gun except the criminals we set free. They’re victims of being arrested after all & we embrace victimhood. So come to California, were we steal your vote with help of silicone valley. Gavin Newsom 2022 🤡”

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