No Whites Allowed

Why would a modern, progressive movement want to repeal laws that prevented racial discrimination? To be able to racially discriminate, of course. That’s why SJWs are trying to repeal Proposition 209, and we have to ensure that people are aware that this is not a popular opinion.

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  1. Some people can simply boast survivors bias in capitalist systems if they weren't born with a silver spoon in their mouth in the first place . There is potential to become rich NOT guarantee


    PC identitarians are only bothered that a wrong was suffered by ( someone like )them at the hands of an " other " – not about the uncivilised behaviour per se : race identitarians are racist


    50 years plus of PC ideology and things have seemingly got worse by the acolytes own reckoning : they say " there's more to be done " , suggesting continuing with the same approach : there is the saying doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result is a sign of madness .

    In the past people were free to explicitly discriminate unduly – but not everyone endorsed any prejudiced views: since laws have been changed , those who are prejudiced are just indirect now .

    White people sense the " sins of the father/ sibling " agenda intimated in the discourse about race and immigration : they will rightly get defensive

    The slack chat in the part of PC people is antagonistic – idpol has black people accusing their white neighbours as being complicit with what a few or the elite do fomenting resentment ; their hateful speech is excused by the " apologism for the underdog " approach be cause they are reacting " from their pain " – of course others will rise to the bait of the slack chat , if only to taunt .

    While there is a notion of race – whatever features are deemed to constitute races – there will be actions that can be classed as MOTIVATED by race or allegedly motivated by this

    The idpol approach has distracted from the fundamental economic class factor that accounts for peoples life chances and power – world wide

    So over the last 20 years at least the rabid capitalist system has destroyed working class peoples lives and killed them – while PC brigade have been causing a fuss over petty things : whatever term might agreed to be socially acceptable to refer to whoever it wont change anyone's opinion of anyone one.way.or.the .other .

    And, inconvenient truth for PC people: the – alleged – rise in hate crimes is NOT simply because white / natives – and its hateful prejudice to assume that : if we could understand some languages we'd have more hate speech to report

    What is deemed a case of racism is too often spurious – the rationale why a word or act is offensive is often irrational and the feared consequences of allowing it – hysterical

    there is misuse indeed irresponsible use of words like " systemic / institutional racism " etc .

    PC foments bad faith : Relations are two way endeavours based on mutual respect and trust.

    They torture the statistics to show how much more certain groups are suffering more than white working class to gain advantage for themselves : race activists' lament is not thst the game us bad simply the wrong side is winning losing ; they are black supremacists

    The race activist – tacitly endorsing the capitalist system by obsessing on race are akin to the element of women who are earning six figures salaries , have benefited from wealthy background and are married to rich men but complain because they are being paid a few thousand less than a male colleague – yet support the system which tells people – they " arent working hard enough" if they are in poverty : Despicable

    There is intimated in PC view that having more PoC in high paid positions will have a " trickle down " effect into a " community " : that economic theory has been discredited and is not redeemed when applied to idpol

    What's deemed indicative of " white privilege " makes sense relative to the predominant populace of a nation : Its nepotism basically – it's a thing worldwide .

    The PC ideologues foment a cynicism and sense of hopelessness based on race leads to self-fulfilling prophecy events .

    So some PoC dont " play the game " indeed many – men in particular – are rebellious so will attract attention of law enforcement ; no one accuses stop and search as being SEXIST and AGEIST considering it is young males who this happens to . Understandably in certain areas these will be young men of colour .

    Simply honouring certain cultural ways that diverge from the mainstream will have a self precluding effect accounting for discrepencies – its testimony to the very diversity PC encourages !

    A general division between people is because birds of a feather is a truism : as long as it's not legally enforced it ISNT a problem .

    So the situation is not simply because the " oppressive other " .

    Every working class person should have a healthy cynicism about the capitalist system but white people are encouraged to believe in the aspiration myth – setting people up for disappointment but blame themselves for not " making it " .

    So it is vital that the economic system is fundamentally changed as a priority – starting not least by implimenting an unconditional basic income law

    So while whatever dream job we might be pursuing – or even just an ordinary job knowing our CV will likely be overlooked because our name – at least we have food on the table and a safe roof over our head – we won't be victim-blamed and subject to persecution by the job centre, with the threat of ending up destitute and dead because sanctions applied against claiming the means to meet our basic needs .

    Consider that In a time when the govt is doing it's best to undermine workers rights an employer is going to be reluctant to take on a PoC because fear of being accused of racism by an employee – a charge which carries weight .

    The Tory govt is treating all working class people the same – like shit

    And if you look at the world as " us n them " , focus on and put effort into looking after your " own " .

    There are laws to deal with uncivilised behaviour whatever the MOTIVATION is for a person to perpetrate it against whoever : the system IS there to get justice – and it is a process and can be a slow one .

    Any issues of human rights should be addressed without demonising OR sanctifying any group but to strive to fulfil the human rights ideal to its fullest extent for good of humanity ; the " intersectionality " factor is we are all human

    PC ideology is self-contradictory hypocritical and disingenuous tendering its purported ambitions hopeless in it's own terms

  2. This is a crazy divisive cult .
    This is
    Victimology Fraud Diversity
    and Mr Lemmony Snickett was a remarkable genius way ahead of his time when he wrote The Series of Unfortunate Events .

  3. Antisemitism in Germany started with yellow badges, that Jews were ordered to wear in public. Now white people have to bend the knee and wear mask, to cover «white privilege». We are facing how BLM and SJW movement turning into neo-nacizm or KKK.

  4. Sargon, I bought your “elect more democrats” t shirt, and I gotta say, I’ve gotten more looks from the ladies than ever! 😀 thanks so much!

  5. My wife is chinese, and therefore my kids are half Chinese (i am in china now as it goes) . My boy and girl are the same as any other kids and i would struggle to contain myself if anyone told me otherwise. I teach in china and many kids are spoilt and only succeed because of parent connections. Fxxk man. We are going back in time, not forward. asians that emigrate with nothing have hard work ethic as they would have died otherwise. Makes me angry this shite does. My wife came to all white village in south wales and was welcome by everyone. Most real people couldnt care less. I never woule have listened to you 7 or 8 years ago bud but you are one of the few voices of reason i ever hear.

  6. Governments all have an obligation to protect the host demographic against all others. You don't get to go to china and push things against the chinese, you dont go to white countries and push anti white policies, you dont go to Mexico and push anti Mexican policies. Only the host demographic deserves protection and only that group should get preference

  7. Are you certain Oregon County are not closet racists and want harm to be done to unprotected black people. It is a scientific fact that more black people are getting badly hurt from Covid probably because they are extremely deficient in Vitamin D. How better to ensure their demise by saying ' You don't need masks'. Absolutely disgusting!!!!!!

  8. Read the comments under Mass Media, 99% disagree with the propaganda, that's why some of them now remove comments, because most people do not believe the lies we are force fed.

  9. Wouldn't it be simpler for them to just go back to Africa, & STOP coming here, & stop moaning? I can't take people seriously who are blatantly racist constantly accusing everyone else of being racist. I mind my own damn business. I think it's time to separate for good. I'm SICK of this bullshit. Then they can no longer annoy whites with the "racism" nonsense ever again. Plenty of land in Africa for them to move to & demonstrate their skills at developing technological advancements. Just go away!!!