‘No wonder’ Victoria has a health crisis: Rozner

The Institute of Public Affairs’ Gideon Rozner says, “it is no wonder Victoria’s got a health crisis”.

A report from The Age revealed none of the 10 community hospitals promised by Premier Daniel Andrews in 2018 have been upgraded or built.

“But all the same, even though we haven’t built new ones, the Commonwealth government and the states have been throwing money at hospitals – both sides of politics – for a very long time,” Mr Rozner told Sky News host Peta Credlin.

“I think it’s time to face up to the fact that we don’t necessarily get our money’s worth on that.”


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  1. Who wants to see a quarantine idea put on Jenny Mikakos's table for her attention that it relates to ambulance services in Victoria in 2020 but it was never looked into….it was a quarantine idea put forward if you would like to see it comment your email address and I'll forward it to you..

  2. Andrews has created a falsehealth crises for his own manipulative purposes, Victorians must
    break free of this psychotic seriously unbalanced unexplainably wealthy psychopath.

  3. Where did Andrews get 91 million dollar personal fortune from ? Why did he close cafes and leave all the brothels open and free to operate? Remember the 8oo also .

  4. Lets think this through, Big Ears Andrews promised 1.3 Billion dollars for an extra 4,000 ICU beds, He also promised to spend Millions to fix Victiras chronic Ambulance ramping problem and the emergency hotline problems and on and on go the promises, but never a tangible or physical outcome. Big Ears also has the temerity to accuse the Commonwealth Government of short changing Victoria at every opportunity, quite wrongly. For a Premier to not know that Commonwealth funding is used for the most worthy in need now projects doesn't say much about his Each Way Albo grasp of Economics. Besides he can always borrow more from the CCP or simply sell of more State |Assests to his mates.

  5. Andrews should already have been jailed. If he were jailed a year ago, several hundred people might have lived, children might have avoided poverty, businesses may have survived. Why are we delaying? Drag him off by force if the police won't enforce the law on him for $.

  6. immigrant nurses that did'nt educated according to your system is crises in making .replacing local white people with brown LOL .immigrants calling local people RACIST . 😁

  7. I suffer intense perpetual hip pain and need a hip replacement. Cruel Dan closed all elective surgery during the pandemic. My doctor told me it may take 5 years to get my surgery done. This means I will curse this idiot for the next 5 years for all the suffering he has created for hundreds of thousands of people. Please vote this satanic Premiur out and put him in Jail.

  8. People left their jobs because of Vax mandates, why do they all dance around that, oh, that's right, you're Liberal, can't bring up know Morrison said he would not make it compulsory. I can't speak about Andrews, too much to say, all bad!

  9. Rupert is going to loose the next Australian Federal Election. I’m Voting Australian Greens because uI care about you. 🐸✌️These News Presenters are Driving HATE into your homes. Is this really YOU?

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