Noam Chomsky: Putin, Ukraine, China, and Nuclear War | Lex Fridman Podcast #316

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0:00 – Introduction
1:51 – Putin’s motivations
14:57 – War in Ukraine
22:00 – Propaganda
29:24 – China and American relations
44:24 – Hope for humanity

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Written by Lex Fridman


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  1. Here are the timestamps. Please check out our sponsors to support this podcast.
    0:00 – Introduction & sponsor mentions:
    – Skiff:
    – InsideTracker: to get 20% off
    – Onnit: to get up to 10% off
    – Blinkist: to get 25% off premium
    1:51 – Putin's motivations
    14:57 – War in Ukraine
    22:00 – Propaganda
    29:24 – China and American relations
    44:24 – Hope for humanity

  2. Lex, you do such wonderful things…Please, by all means take all the time you need, speaking for self only, i have all the patience in the world for you cos you Deserve it. & i can not express enough gratitude for one more Noam interview…Love him, Love You too. Thank You.
    Grabbing a cuppa "Earl Grey, Hot" to enjoy this video with..

  3. Conversation?? This “conversation “ was terrible!! Why why did you do this Lex?? Was this just to burnish your reputation?? Woefully unprepared!! Lex did you watch this before posting it?? Not once did you challenge him. The US invasion of Iraq analogous to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and Hitler?? Really?? Wait who was the leader of Iraq at the time?? A genocidal megalomaniacal dictator??!! Lex just kept lobbing softies without any questioning or analysis. No request for facts or evidence?? Hopefully Lex has learned to stick with what you know. Then kissing this stumble bum’s a*s to finish up!! And a healthy 93 year old?? Where? Noam today is nothing more than that annoying JA on the bar stool next to you who knows everything.

  4. The gamble US/Nato is taking at the cost of whole of humanity is incredibly reckless. If we see any use of nukes by Ru, the blame should be shared equally with US/Allies who instigated and manufactured this crisis over the years like a game of chess. Clearly knowing the Ru redline that had been clearly communicated for decades! NO ONE should be surprised at the end result. We may just see a nuclear winter !

  5. “Any power that commits aggression is to blame.” What?? Lex that’s a logical syllogism. A HS debater could easily rip it shreds!! Noamie makes generalizations like this all the time but no one seems willing to call him out!! Don’t you realize that Noamie lives in an alternate reality.

  6. the Maidan "uprising" in 2014 was a bloody coup d'etat, financed, planned and organized by the CIA and US State, with Ukranian neo-nazi organizations as the spearhead. The people of Odessa voted over 90% to be reunited with Russia (Kruscheve gave Crimea to Ukraine in 1954) after the May 2, 2014 massacre of 50 trade unionists, burned to death in the Odessa labor union headquarters. Noam is brilliant, but he glosses over a lot of history here.

  7. As a Ukrainian, I understand well the mood of the Russians and Putin. First of all, they believe that Ukraine is their territory, because Russia originates from Kievan Rus, which was located on the territory of modern Ukraine. Without Ukraine, Russia does not have its own history until the time of the Golden Horde. That is why Putin wanted to act as a collector of Russia's lands. Russians consider the collapse of the Soviet Union unfair and want to revenge

  8. The only way out of this mess is for the people to come together.
    The current state of politics in US is instead dividing the people into party Vs party while both parties are equally as bad as the other.
    Remember they are employed by you for the people yet you get no say in anything.
    I mean something like 70% of all voters on both sides want a free Medicare system yet America are the only industrialized country not to have it. Australia has had it since 1985.
    They just don't care about you, as long as the $$$s flow into their pockets they couldn't give a shit about you and while we're fighting amongst ourselves they are laughing.
    It's designed that way.

  9. What nonsense is this man talking about? What other "firm obligations of non-expansion of NATO, given to Gorbachev by Clinton." The President of the United States is not a dictator, he cannot make any "firm promises", he can only sign an agreement approved by the Senate and Congress. There is no agreement between the United States, Russia and the Baltic States on the expansion of NATO and never was.

  10. Asking if Putin became corrupt… are you fvkin 12? No, he's fine!
    I can imagine what Lex would ask Putin on the interview, Are you bad? What is love? What is meaning of life? And then he goes inside his bunker and continues terrorizing different regions around Russia's border and some parts of the world.

  11. It's my first time listening to Noam Chomsky. I must say he's a wonderful rational brain. The conversation was short but really spot-on. Thank you, Lex, for bringing him.

  12. This is a painful discussion to watch. China constantly threatens Taiwan where majority of my family lives but everyone young and old is ready to fight to the last breath. We maybe Jewish but Chinese blood also runs through us. Never give up !!

  13. Good interview as always but can’t help but to be left with a grim, almost desolate impression of the current times. It seems that the common theme for hope, in the face of this almost hopeless situation, is so fundamental and simple you’d be almost laughed at: humility and collaborative mindset.
    We all bear the responsibility to listen better, be more humble and acknowledge that if we don’t cooperate we all fail.

    It’s almost imperative to remind ourselves, day in and day out, that change comes from within and we need to step up our game more than ever.

  14. Imagine if Mexico became pro-Russia and Russia ignored the US's objections and did joint military exercises together near its border? So sick of western double standards, lies and disinformation, they've been at for centuries now and is time the world woke up to them

  15. A tough interview for any American to hear, including Lex.
    I'm sure he wanted to push back on some of what Mr Chomsky said but I think Lex has a lot on his mind and seems less carefree but maybe it's just a lot of very uncomfortable truths in one hour.
    Any push back or worse in the comments is mostly likely those that can't handle the mirror held up to their America dream.
    His warning about China has been ignored for many years and as America ratchets up towards full scale confrontation the utter arrogance that it will use in its quest to shut out any other way of co-existence that Chomsky mentions the vast majority won't even hear the penny drop.

  16. thankyou Lex , the depth of what is being discussed is seldom spoken out loud , America is a golden glow of moral guidance. sadly the morals are being diluted, recent abortion law changes could be described as a crime against humanity.
    thankyou Noam
    pt3 must come quickly please. before mr chomsky curls up his toes.

  17. Putin invaded Crimea in 2014 as well as the Donbas so trying to put any of the blame on Biden is erroneous at best. What honorably Mr. Chomsky failed to recognize is NATO is a defensive organization. The answer to me is that Russia is the Nation to join NATO; doing so would have the added benefit of keeping China at bay.

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