Noam Chomsky: War between China and US will end the world | Lex Fridman Podcast Clips

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Noam Chomsky is a linguist, philosopher, and political activist.

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Written by Lex Clips


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  1. I’ve always been a fan of Chomsky. His is an important perspective. He’s a legitimate sage. I wonder though when he asks provacatively, “I have to ask what the China threat is?” a mere minute after calling out the environmental peril we are all in. How can he not emphasize the extraordinary spike in pollution and environmental degradation China has committed in the last thirty years? I mean, China’s increased polluting largely came after the science and understanding of environmental damage that can be done by humans (post Silent Spring). It’s a big part of why production is cheaper in China: much fewer environmental regulations! While the West worked to lessen its impact legitimately, China ramped it up. Simple research on polluting the Pacific Ocean and air pollution reveals China has been for a decade plus the world’s greatest polluter and has officially declared that it will Increase industrial pollution until 2030. So what is the China problem, really? Add to it constant theft of IP and the evisceration of multiple western economies, and, uh, the question should be, “How can you not acknowledge a China problem?”
    My problem with Chomsky is not that he isn’t often a great voice for important concerns;rather, it’s that he never seems to hold the same microscope on non-western nations that he holds on the west. His willful insistence on ignoring or minimizing the damage done by nations like China while constantly castigating the west for its offenses suggests a sort of self-hate, culture-wise, and perhaps vendetta. China is presently knowingly polluting the earth at a scale greater than any nation ever has. And it’s human rights record is at least as bad as any western nation’s.

  2. Chomsky failed to mention the construction of islands and naval bases by China in waters regarded as international. That is a threat to the UN based order and Lex should have called him on it.

  3. Have you ever consider , that they are waiting for a country or a person that will unite everyone ?? War is a distraction from the real problem, world has been develop with mysteries and secrets that they can not go out easily , cause if they do, they will cause fear and caos , and that’s even worst than war , United States and China and the whole world is waiting for a new current , that will unite them all , great interviews Lex, greeting from the crazy cat 🐈 from Bolivia 🇧🇴

  4. He forgot 🇬🇧 Nobody tells us what to do 😂 where totally independent. I mean Biden tried to get involved in Britains business over Ireland and he was told to STFU 😂 But Europe does what we tell them to aswell we own more businesses in Europe than they do. But when it comes down to it everyone in the nuclear family has the power to say STFU if they want to. So I don't totally agree with Chomsky when he sais it's to dangerous to disagree with America. That only works on non nuclear countries because that is the whole point of being a super power.

  5. This man cuts straight through global bullshit like butter. I respect anyone who especially questions the US foreign and domestic policy. We've sat here ignorant forever as a population. Time to wake up and be a golden rule country with power if necessary. Not when it's in our military global authority's best interest.

  6. i cannot believe that people are still even ask this guy. if russia invades ukraine? americas fault. if china invades taiwan – guess what? americas fault.
    one thing has became so clear over the last years – there´s a huge part of these (old) leftists that still havent digested that the west and capitalism have won the the big competition of the 20th century. i´m not saying that there arent humongous things to change, probably even a revolution. but they will turn themselves into pretzels before looking anywhere else for faults.
    i´m by no means right in my opinion – from germany voting green for 20 years (labour before). but these guys need to take off their blinders, seriously

  7. China’s ccp isn’t able to work with anyone with out taking its intellectual property. 🤷🏽‍♂️ wants to be in the world market but doesn’t want to follow the world market rules. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  8. I used to listen to, and often agree with, Noam Chomsky. However, the USA is not responsible for 10,000 years of World History. The USA inherited the Global Leadership after WWII. Since then, the USA has done some Good, Bad and Ugly. But, others also did some nasty stuff based on capabilities. Having said that, it would be really scary to think about the current affairs of the World if the Power of the USA in 1945 would have been in the hands of Hitler, Tojo, Stalin or Mao. Frankly, Noam Chomsky enjoys the freedoms of the USA, while being very soft on other actors. For example, the Russians are saying loud and clear that they want to comit genocide in Ukraine and Noam Chomsky is still talking about the bad behavior of the USA and Nato. Instead, I prefer to listen to Finland and other small countries close to Russia. They have been around longer than Noam Chomsky.

  9. Even if I somehow manage to live to 93 like Mr Chomsky, I doubt I'll be as clear headed and clear spoken as him; and, I certainly won't have half the knowledge he does to impart unto the world.

  10. Not once did he mention any China's provocative actions in the region. All unprovoked. Let's not forget modern economic china is an American creation. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

  11. Like for real real END the world, or there will be pockets of humanity that now don't have access to contraceptives and we are back to this shit again in another 10,000 years? (Or said enough, he did say "organised human society").

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