Nobel Prize Winning Virologist says “molecular tools needed to insert HIV sequence”

Recently a Nobel Prize Winning Virologist said in a French radio podcast that molecular tools would have been needed to insert the HIV sequence into the Wuhan Virus.

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Written by The Outer Light

I am a Christian. I try to shed light, on the darkness that surrounds us. Psalm 23:1Exposing the hidden order behind the visible.


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  2. 3:07 Dude, HIV is a SHAM, just as the COVID-19 "virus" is. Those over inflated John Hopkins numbers are a tool to scare the masses. Besides all that, contagion has NEVER been proved for influenza and certainly NOT CV-19.
    I can't quite believe you of all people has drunk the Kool-Aid on this obvious SCAM. So what if the dude was a Nobel Prize winner, they get given to good little boy's and girls for not straying too far from well trodden mainstream held beliefs. But to top it off you said the John Hopkins numbers should be much higher because you know 2 people that THINK they had the virus. Wow that's some solid research there, but honestly, YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER ED!!

  3. If you follow Randall Carlson it would be an asteroid coming if you follow the electric universe theory you might think otherwise aka solar mass ejection, a cosmic wave 'upsetting our Star..

  4. There are 3 main strains and 400 mutations or some such so that is why it appears different. The East coast of the US has the most deadly one and the west coast has the least deadly. Not sure about the 3rd strain

  5. Virology is a cult based on dogma and money. There is no real proof that pathogenic viruses exist. They can not purify them after "isolating" them. Also HIV has never been isolated nor proven to cause AIDS. No critically thinking person can believe in this fake science after reading about the facts.

  6. I am surprised at you Ed there really is a lot of doctors coming forward explaining covid-19 and how it's found in any person that is sick, the virus is a hoax, the vaccine will contain the gates micro chip. Did you know gates funded the film Contagion. and Event 201, seems you lost the entrance to the rabbit hole. Gates has also funded the science community in the UK, already preparing human vaccine trials with out testing on animals here too. We are more at risk of mind control because of this lock down than ever before.

  7. Arrest the virus, place it in a federal cell and report it has connections to Hillary Clinton. The virus would disappear almost instantly.

  8. Nobody “discovered” AIDS. It’s man made. They injected monkey viruses and cat leukaemia viruses into a person with leukaemia. That’s how they got the viruses to jump from animal to human and vice versa. This doesn’t occur in nature. WHO and CDC kept doing sick experiments until they got it. Fuck these people!

  9. My daughter got sick Apr 2. When she gets a fever she gets a fever blister/cold sore on her lip every time. Not this time. Day 1 99.4, Day 2 101.4, Day 3 103.5, Day 4 103.9, Day 5 99.2… On Day 5 i started feeling really bad. I started a 10k vitamin c, 10 g meletonin, zinc regiment. 48 hours i was good. 6 others in the house did not get sick. Could not get a covid test… Predictably… They cry test test test they don't want test test test…Think about it. You can sensationalize a fake outbreak better without the testing when it's already widespread!

  10. Ed! You like @faceless propagandist too….. I should have known it. ED & Devin are my top two fav socio-political commentators……………………..Hands down!!

  11. Hi Ed – Seems the results r very misleading because (what we r hearing in other internet vids, that) the tests r NOT testing for any virus actually, but rather that, it's a new/different kind of test that comes up positive, due to r own RNA, exosomes & 5G slough-off of RNA, etc. That & literally adding unconfirmed, suspected cases to death counts – what is really going on with this Bill Gates planDEMic?! ?

  12. I been saying THIS since february, too! Trumps a bigger traitor than benedict arnold. And OF COURSE they made this. And the NEXT virus, they'll have made that one, too. Guys- THEY JUST DECLARED WAR ON THE HUMAN RACE. And all of you who even CARE about covid are just falling for their propagan-duh, n yer too stupid for words. I know ed here is a bit a dork, but if you think this is concerning AT ALL, yer a confirmed sub-human idiot. Period.

  13. The antibodys in vaccine are good for one year then antibodys produced by your body stay with you whole life or so they say i'm not sure