‘Nobody Cares About Informed Consent’

Professor Jay Bhattacharya laments the death of ‘informed consent’ in his profession (medicine).


The author of The Great Barrington Declaration joined us in the heart of Fitzroy, Melbourne, for an unforgettable night of laughs and reality checks with a sold out audience.

Other panel members include Prof. Ramesh Thakur and Prof. James Allan.

Opening address: Prof Gigi Foster
Welcome to Country: Bill Lang from Small Business Australia
Human Rights Message: David Limbrick MP

With a sold out audience, the night was full of laughs, reality checks and curly audience questions about mandates, lockdowns, The Science™, Tony Fauci, and Public Health disasters.

It’s USD9.99 to watch here:

Or for a free 2hr studio panel head over to:

Written by Discernable


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  1. “Do no harm” and “informed consent” seem to be absent in modern medicine..

    Personally will not be seeing a doctor for anything that does not require surgery or in case of a trauma event.

    Pharmaceutical interventions have lost all credibility for me.. (With the potential exception of antibiotics; however I’m increasingly sceptical of their over use)

    Have lost my programmed trust in western medicine the last couple of years..

  2. Catchy title. Sadly, the average Joe has no clue what informed consent is and blindly follows the doctor's advice, good or bad. The criminals here are the doctor's who in the face of all the evidence, science and data, blatantly lie to their patients and put dollars ahead of people's health. "Being gagged by AHPRA" is no excuse for their moral cowardice.

  3. Beautiful way of putting it – "weaponizes empathy". It goes even further down the rabbit hole. The vx isn't a vx, so the "defense" against the enemy is non-existent and the enemy is actually trying to show you empathy, therefore.

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