Nobody Trusts the News

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  1. I remember when Twitter tried to mark news sites as biased if they were funded by governments.

    However, they decided to make special exceptions to BBC, ABC, NPR, and a few others.

  2. They over did it with the CV19 rubbish 24/7 and now the 'normies' are questioning why they've never met anyone who knows anyone that didn't just have a bad cold despite the 'doom&gloom'.

  3. Who would've thought that hyper-aggressive, hyper-competitive and obnoxious aren't exactly personality traits that a person wants to be around all that much, if at all. Even if it's coming from a media entity.

  4. I don't see any harm in itself that more people prefer to get news from social media content creators rather than the big mainstream media companies.

    If you follow a content creator, you can usually develop a good feel for whether they're trustworthy or not.

    A content creator that frequently lies and misrepresent news stories end up being called out on it most of the time.

    But with the random "news anchors" and their faceless and unknown editors and news teams, why should anyone trust them? Especially seeing as how they have frequently been exposed as misrepresenting news stories and overtly pushing political propaganda time and time again.

    They have destroyed their own reputation as "objective" news deliverymen. They made their bed, now they can lie in it.

  5. Narratives change like underwear. You can't sit down to a great Dickens novel and then turn the page and get Heinlein or Lovcraft novel. If you can make sense of that kind of narrative teleportation you've probably got mental health issues or are simply lying and are ideologically possessed.

  6. Direct funding of the media by government, ruled by political parties directly funded in cash by the Chinese Communist Party? The media who are also directly funded by the CCP? During the pandemic you say? I am shocked! Shocked I tell you, shocked!

  7. Here in the UK, the BBC, ITN and Channel 4 News only broadcast " news " which supports their own left-wing world view. Their collective horror at Brexit and open hatred of Donald Trump as President of the USA said it all.

  8. The more news you watch the more inaccurate / distorted view of the world you will have.

    Here’s a story that will never make the news: man or woman wakes up, has breakfast, goes to work, comes home, sees their family or friends and goes to bed.

    This is the reality for the overwhelming majority of the world every day – but if all you do is watch the news you would think the whole place is burning

    Not advocating to stick your head in the sand. But it’s true the more news you watch, there is an increase in the negative / apocalyptic view of the world

  9. People are more interested in independent journalism. Not a media that's owned by huge corporations, who in turn own politicians – on both sides of the house. If you think this is a 'Democrat' problem you're even dafter than you sound. Do we have a free press in the UK? Who controls the press in the UK? Do some actual research. Out of the goodness of his heart Bojo 'donated' a huge sum to the BBC. Hmm.
    What press coverage has their been on the situation in Kaliningrad? This could trigger WW3 but the MSM is largely silent. Independent journalists have covered it, so why haven't you?

  10. It's a sad state of affairs when Americans gotta get their news about our own country from places like Australia, Britain, India

    I simply don't trust the American media anymore.

  11. I stopped watching the news since April/2020. It definitely improved my mental health. I’m actually better informed now.
    Wasn’t Thomas Jefferson who said something like “the man who never looks into a newspaper is better informed than he who reads them”?

  12. Youtube have a hard on for recommending local American news channels.
    I block them an YouTube still forced recommend I watch them.
    Long story short.
    Look at this news segment of yet ANOTHER PUBLIC SHOOTING that we will ignore.
    Lecture the whole world how its a peaceful an safe country to shoot innocent people in an get away with it.
    Because nobody cares about kids or innocent people in America.

  13. There was a time in the not-so-distant past when I trusted the corporate news without question, and would in fact even go to the BBC News site to check whether or not other stories I'd seen elsewhere were being accurately reported. I'd also watch either the BBC 9 o'clock news or ITN news at 10 every single night without fail.
    That all changed when, in 2011, I saw somewhere that there'd been a huge riot in Calais, with migrants in the camps there blocking the road route to the Channel Tunnel, attacking lorry drivers, families returning from holiday, smashing up vehicles, even setting fire to them.
    It was a major event, and yet I couldn't find it anywhere on the BBC News site. Confused but still giving them the benefit of the doubt, I tuned in at 9pm expecting it to be their leading story. Nothing. Not even a mention of it.
    I was up to that point so indoctrinated by, and so trusting of, the BBC that it took me a few days to actually come to terms with what I'd discovered. It seems mad now that I ever thought like that, because once I found that single loose end and began to tug on that string, the evidence of deliberate omission, major bias, even outright lying came thick and fast. That then led me on to questioning other MSM, then social media, then other corporations, then the government, then big pharma etc.
    So thanks, BBC. You started off the redpilling with your stupid decision to try to bury that story because brown people magical.

  14. There was no alleged Anti Brexit bias it was blatant and in your face the day the Referendum was run there was Anti Brexit bias on virtually every program, and when the result came in you could see the shock on the presenters faces, and it has only gotten worse over the last 6 years. They still think they can persuade us to vote to re-enter the EU if some one was dumb enough to put up a second referendum,

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