Noel Gallagher absolutely scorns Labour

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  1. What NOEL GALLAGHER needs to do is open his eyes to the realisation that LABOUR is no longer LABOUR because it has united with the Tories to form the LABOUR/TORY COALITION against the British working people. Both are now the Communist Party of the 'Benefits Class': not the working class.

  2. All the northern working class lads I know (Norf FC) are sick of Labour and feel like they aren’t represented. (It’s not as if they like the conservatives either). The general consensus is that all politicians in any party are a bunch of w@nkers.

  3. Corbyn was worse than Blair which caused a greater loss of voters and Tory leaders allied with the US during war just as John Major and David Cameron did but Blair wasn’t a great prime Minister

  4. I am not voting labour or conservatives or lib democrats. I would only vote what benefits indigenous British wile I can before indigenous British people voice is drowned and our voice as no sway over our ancestor country our culture. Globalism seems just the brake down in culture and race of western nations. I vote against this .

  5. I always find it odd how yall still talk about the heads of the country that haven't been in power for long and how people still want them back that caused this problem any way back then. I remember watching old topgear years ago(like when boris was the mayor and older than that) and normal English folks absolutely hate everything politicians have been after Churchill when he saved the people after the war.

    We Americans dont go on and on all the time about how bad bush part 1 and 2 were, hell last best potus we had was calvin coolidge.

    Don't expect to build up the weak by pulling down the strong. – Calvin Coolidge
    Collecting more taxes than is absolutely necessary is legalized robbery. – Calvin Coolidge

  6. ‘The role of any politician is to be forward thinking, contemporary, and modern’
    No. They’re role (here at least) is to represent their constituents. If their constituents want to hold onto the ‘olds’, then their job is to represent those interests.
    The idea that politicians are supposed to be agents of change (ie modern, forward thinking, progressive, etc) is in conflict w their status as representatives of their communities interests and preferences, and this perversion of their role opens them up to undue influence from political entities obsessed w change.

  7. when you say that Oasis is your favourite band, are you reading an article or what? I mean come on, Oasis? They're okay but dude, broaden those horizons. I mean, if you're going to go with British bands from that era, Radiohead is clearly superior. The big Blur vs Oasis showdown was won by OK Computer.

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