Nomiki Konst SMEARS Kim Iversen As “Crazy Conspiracy Theorist”

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Nomiki Konst SMEARS Kim Iversen As “Crazy Conspiracy Theorist”
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  1. Kim has been wrong about some covid related issues but it's like she is making hard predictions are saying all of her covid stances are fact . She is simply asking questions and hypothesising about various possible outcomes or motivations behind cobid policies. She asking questions and speaking about different scenarios that are on the minds of many and all of this is completely acceptable. This is how its supposed to work . We have open discussions and make predictions that either prove right or wrong. We are at a point where asking a question is considered a conspiracy theory. There is a big difference between a theory based on evidence and a conspiracy but they are treated the same. What blows my mind the most that so many on the left are openly stating that we cannot question anything related to covid . They literally say it's wrong to question the covid narrative and that doubting the narrative makes you a right wing facist . They literally use their platforms to tell people there is nothing to think about and nothing to question. Some are saying it's not socialist to question covid or Vax mandates or to question the Pizer or Moderna when they say this not socialist what does that even mean ? What type of socialism are those people really advocating for. I would guess they are stateists and not socialists it's not socialist to ask questions about covid and very wonder why do many have an irrational fear of anything socialist

  2. There's a reason why the saying goes, "freedom for me, not for thee…" Those who think speech should be regulated or restricted always think it's someone else's speech who needs to be controlled, not their own.

  3. Doel is so progressive… he defends terms of service from tech monopolies… I'm wondering how he'd feel if he were booted from YT for violation of terms of service…

  4. questioning authority is beyond the pale apparently for these two, david dullard and nato nomiki. trust the corporations to decide who to censor, who is on the "correct" side, how is this not fash?

  5. are "fact checkers" priests for their new civil religion? They really do want to "fix" people with dogmatic right think, if there is a red brown alliance, it's the likes of these two

  6. It's more insane to believe in fact checkers than it is to believe in God.

    …Kind of a shit take, not gonna lie. Fact checkers are flawed and information can be skewed or misrepresented. But at least there's actual substantial information that you are able to seek out on your own if you wanted to verify. Not so for God.

  7. Wow! I can't believe I used to listen to these people! They've really gone off the rails! Or otherwise, have shown their true colors when the real test of character hit them!
    Either they lack logical thinking or paid propagandists! How can you support censorship with a straight face?? 🤦🏻‍♂️

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