Non covid excess deaths

Why are people dying more than normal?

UK, excess deaths

Hundreds more people than usual are dying each week in England and Wales

Not from Covid

Covid deaths, UK

w/e 24 June, 346

w/e 17 June, 309

Total deaths registered in the UK


15.9% above the five-year average

Latest breakdown, (England and Wales)

Excess deaths = 1,540

Covid deaths, 285

58.2% of this 285 gave covid as the underlying cause

So, 166 from covid

119 with covid

Non covid excess deaths, 1,540 – 166 = 1,374

England and Wales data

(5 years up to 2019)

England and Wale, 16.6%

Wales, 18.2%

Where excess deaths occurred

(above the five-year average)

Private homes, 31.5% above

Hospitals, 12.1% above

Care homes, 10.3% above

Other settings, 10.1% above

Health experts call for urgent investigation

Pandemic response

Lockdown and restrictions stress

Reduced physical activity

Lack of access to healthcare

Delayer referrals for diagnosis and treatment

Cost of living crisis

People whose health was / is weakened by covid

Known increase risk of stroke and heart attacks


Increasing autoimmune disease

New medications used as covid treatments

Prof Paul Hunter, University of East Anglia

I think the reality is going to be quite complex but it’s something we do need to be aware of and actually try and understand.

There is despair from your livelihood disappearing up the swanny.

It doesn’t have to lead to suicide, chronic stress can lead to all sorts of problems.

Dr Charles Levinson, DoctorCall

The reasons behind these horrific numbers are complicated and none of us fully understand them, so that is exactly why there should be an urgent and comprehensive Government inquiry.

If anything, the situation seems to be worsening.

Considering the relentless focus on one virus for more than two years,

requesting answers from Government on thousands and thousands of non-Covid excess deaths is entirely reasonable.

User guide to mortality data

Written by Dr. John Campbell

Hello Everyone,My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.


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  1. I have hundreds of family and friends who had covid now and nobody knows anybody who died of covid.
    The Only one I met is a Spanish woman who said her father killed her father, he was 88 years old though, so god knows if it was covid.

  2. Someone blew up the Georgia Guide stones…maybe the world at large caught on? What was the first rule there again….oh yes… Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature…

  3. How can you NOT know the CAUSE of these excess deaths? They ARE covid related. Most likely. To learn more, go to YouTube and search for "covid Dimentia", "covid stomach", "covid lung", etc.

  4. Obviously everybody should go and have more covid vaccines, we all know how good they are for us now. These people passing away must be mostly unvaccinated, i would also imagine that all these people that have been passing away from SADS must also be unvaccinated. I'm off to get double boosted as it must be really, really good for my immune system

  5. Yes its baffling isnt it!!!!!!!!!!.
    Deary me,All these poor people passing away.What could have changed im the last year that has cause all these innocent people to pass away ,under 40 year olds from the new syndrome SADS,increase in babies being born with organs missing ,Healthy fit athletes dying.
    Complicated?????I really do not not think it is complicated.

  6. dr campbell this is a true story , when covid first came ill admit they put fear into me , well the tv did on day 4 i saw our local hospital on tv saying dont go its over run ,s oi jumped in my car and went only to find tumble weeds blowing around it was empty including A&E , i left and went back the next day only to see outside A&E it totally packed out with ambulances and police cars with around 150 docs , cops or paid actors doing a ticktok dance with a pro filmer from that moment ive called covid a lie , i dont even to this day know one person who has died of covid yet i know many people who have died or got really messed up after the jabs including a 10 year old boy that i had to play gta in real life to get him to the hospital because even though he couldnt breathe and chest felt like it was being crushed they marked him down as not important , when i got him to the hospital and his mother had taken over i went to the 2 ambulances outside that was there when i pulled up and still there 30 mins after arriving and asked why they couldnt drive 10 mins down the road to help this little boy they told me they hadnt had the call so no one told them so i see why more deaths coming because lack of care and lies

  7. I would just say life has become more stressful loneliness not able to see a doctor my checkups are nonexistent changing the dates all the time Things like the surgery has no staff off sick I’m sorry for the young I thought times tuff when I was young and we except better now

  8. I'm sure theres many reasons but the collapse of GP services must be partly responsible. I was being told "there are no more appointments, call back next month" in 2019 even before the pandemic! I now have a problem even getting repeat prescriptions which includes blood pressure medication. I'm sure its not just me!

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