Nonce Watch: Afghanistan

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  1. I want Britain to stay British
    I want Germany to stay German, I wonder more people are moving from Western Europe to the East
    Keep up the great Work Lotus Eaters
    Love From RSA.

  2. afghanistan is a multi nation country, when referring to them it's essential to describe which nation is involved. pashtuns r 50% of afghanistan + r the vast majority of the taliban. pakistan is also a multi nation state that includes a pashtun pop. larger than that in afghanistan

  3. Michigan is welcoming these Pedo Barbarians. I would rather take all the women and young children. At least there is a chance they would want to become Americans. My brother served a tour of duty in Afghanistan. He didn't trust any Afghan Army. Most just showed up for a paycheck. The Enlisted personnel knew these guys were worthless as fighters and nothing but turn coats and lazy pedophiles. When taking this up with their chain-of-command nothing changed.

  4. Why do you think refugees want to come here??
    Everything they ever want is given to them freely, homes, free bills, food, health care, police to keep them safe etc etc..

  5. Canada takes 20000, US takes 20000, UK takes 20000, a bunch of others. Lets say 100000. Imagine if they picked up a gun and fought, they would have outnumbered the taliban 2 to 1.

  6. One final comment, the victims seemed to be victims of ex boyfriends. Why the hell are these girls going out with these fucking miscreants in the first place, sorry but they aren't dark and swarthy, they're just sort of shit really.

  7. Crazy to think of the actual origins of this CULTure. I find it bizarre people even look at it as a legitimate religion/culture. Eastern mysticism is nothing but devil worship. Regardless of how they paint it. Ironically a lot of the traditions and bs history has snuck its way in western culture through the theosophical influence and the people who waved the flags of it.

    If I have any suggestion for anyone, it would be get right with God. Learn why Jesus Christ is King and how he left us a gift we only deserve because God willed it. Theres a reason you see the things you are seeing and its way more simple that you imagine. Ditch the post modern secular ideology thats been pushed on you just as liberalism has been pushed on those people you talk about and just as theosophy and eastern mysticism have been pushed on the west. They don’t want you free of their social engineering game they play. This is actual evil we’re talking about here. Free yourselves from it for the love of God. I’m talking to both “sides here”

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