NONE of these problems get fixed if the mandates get lifted (Julie Ponesse & Bret Weinstein)

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Bret speaks with Dr. Julie Ponesse who saw her academic career of 20 years fall apart after she refused to comply with a Canadian university’s COVID vaccine mandate.

Dr. Julie Ponesse has a PhD in Philosophy with areas of specialization in ethics and ancient philosophy, a Masters in Philosophy with Collaborative Specialization in Bioethics from the University of Toronto, and a Diploma in Ethics from the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University.

Since then, Dr. Ponesse has joined The Democracy Fund as the Pandemic Ethics Scholar focussing on educating the public on civil liberties and has recently released her new book My Choice: The Ethics Case Against Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates.

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  1. The worst part is that one person can make decisions for everyone, medically above their own doctor, and moral beliefs, and fire them, restrict them, and legally discriminate against them, and deny them the ability to do almost do anything.
    The mandate power needs to go along with the cancel culture power, censorship with employers, government and corporate media big tech and social media working against everyone that disagrees with them.

    The power of the alphabet health agencies, corporations, employers, news outlets, big tech, colleges, schools, mayor, governors, presidents, schools, sports leagues hospitals, need stop be taken totally away.

    A person and their doctor and moral beliefs needs to always outweigh the vaccine companies, who have no liability with rushed mrna which may harm your dna, has serious side effects and death for some.

    this was an attack on personal and moral and medical freedom, your job and ability to function in society was taken away and we openly discriminated against people no different than racial discrimination based on looks, masks, vaccines, whether or not they were sick, they were guilty until proven compliant, and if they were compliant and guilty, it did not count, which is why they allowed covid positive doctors and nurses to work with the sickest at risk patients.

    Every thing was made to prevent natural immunity, and herd immunity and ivermectin and other natural anti viral and vitamin based treatments, because those proved a vaccine was not necessary, the masks, vaccines, restrictions, lockdowns, social distancing, washing hands, were all to keep you from getting natural immunity so the vaccine companies could profit and the global reset system could take away all rights and freedoms in the name of faux health and safety.

    Not only was some bad viruses avoided good viruses were also avoided, and deaths and cases were purposely inflated, by a facto of 10 or more.

    only 5.1 percent of the 900, 000 who so called died of covid died of covid, 94.9 percent of that number flashed on us daily for fear, died of other things and were assumed to have covid by way of inaccurate pcr test, which were just to gather dna to target specific groups in the future in bio labs for termination.

    The question is what can we do to prevent this governmental power and overreach again as the state has combined with big tech, employers, corporations, the military complex, and the richest most power depopulationst global reset billion and trillionaires in the world.

    they have the money, and titles, with have the numbers and want are freedom back.
    It's time to fight for what is right, especially since they are going after health adults, teens kids, toddlers pregnant women and babies right now!

  2. I think you are being generous! Here are some suspicious “coincidences” which I don’t believe in.
    Obama bans gain of function 2014
    Then builds a lab in Wuhan to accommodate level 4 work.
    Why are we building a lab on enemy soil?
    2016 moderna applies for patents of the same virus..
    2017 fauci states this administration will deal with a pandemic
    Bill gates and WHO practice run
    NIH Haines deal with moderna
    After virus leak we don’t go to investigate, China doesn’t throw us under the bus.
    The virus is the same As the moderna patent whom then produces a vaccine with NIH

  3. Until You open to the possibility that the release was not accidental, but intentional, You will not see the larger picture, and thus recognize how to properly respond. Lab leak theory a distraction.

  4. Not a leak, a release. Don’t you see the evidence of the intent to release ahead of time? 201. Patents. Why ignore the evidence of that? It’s crucial to waking up in time to mitigate the plot against humanity.

  5. recently started following the channel here, very interesting to hear the perspectives on things offered. I would agree that the "worst" part of covid (for anyone that didn't die or have family die) was what we were left with. I will never forget how I was 'second classed' by the government and to a lesser degree the population.

  6. Those of us who watch this are the lone figures who will stand up at the trials and declare that there are no witches. We are the ones who can show the way out. But we are few and influential compared to the propagators and instant adopters of the latest cult/religion/fad/fancy/trend. Perhaps it has always been this way, and it has taken this covid thing to make more people see that this "flaw" exists throughout humanity.

  7. In an absurd and tragic way, I feel that Russia, China and all the rest of the axis of resistance, are ending the western Empire, and giving us a chance to avoid this trend towards fascism in our previously experienced liberal democracies. In one act, Putin, backed by the other independent minded countries, by facing off against the Nazis in Ukraine, could end what the late historian and critic Sheldon Wolin called, Inverted Totalitarianism, the oligarchy, in our countries. Western Imperialism has been checked.

    Professor Johan Galtung, the Norwegian founder of the discipline of Peace and Conflict studies, in 1980 predicted the 1989 collapse of the Soviet empire. One decade ago, he predicted the collapse of the Western empire, for this time right now. We may now be witnessing this event and if so we get a chance to re-imagine our societies.

    I would like such societies to be lead (if that’s a thing needed) by people like Bret and Julie. We need Intelligence, skill, courage, ethics and compassion; not the greed megalomania and psychopathy evident in Western authoritarian leadership today.

  8. My hypothesis is that it's first a pandemic of neuroticism where at least contracted by 60% of the population, where in some groups of individual it has become mass hysterics and psychosis. I still call it mas since 5-10% of the neurotics still equates to tens of millions of people. Without intervention the percentage will only grow.
    If it's true it will take decades to cure IF we could identify it now and ponder the solution together.

  9. Yeah I'm just glad I found this page a year or so ago before I went crazy thinking that I was one of the only people that waas paying attention in grade 9 science class, that's about all the knowledge one needed to be able to understand this very very simple situation.
    I wish I knew sooner in my life that the average person was this dumb, I held most people at much higher level and I was very very wrong 😅🤷‍♂️

  10. Deut. 32: 15-21, 23-25
    “The Lord's people grew rich, but rebellious;
    they were fat and stuffed with food.
    They abandoned God their Creator
    and rejected their mighty savior.
    16 Their idolatry made the Lord jealous;
    the evil they did made him angry.
    17 They sacrificed to gods that are not real,
    new gods their ancestors had never known,
    gods that Israel had never obeyed.
    18 They forgot their God, their mighty savior,
    the one who had given them life.
    19 “When the Lord saw this, he was angry
    and rejected his sons and daughters.
    20 ‘I will no longer help them,’ he said;
    ‘then I will see what happens to them,
    those stubborn, unfaithful people.
    21 With their idols they have made me angry,
    jealous with their so-called gods,
    gods that are really not gods.

    23 “‘I will bring on them endless disasters
    and use all my arrows against them.
    24 They will die from hunger and fever;
    they will die from terrible diseases.
    I will send wild animals to attack them,
    and poisonous snakes to bite them.
    25 War will bring death in the streets;
    terrors will strike in the homes.
    Young men and young women will die;
    neither babies nor old people will be spared.

  11. It alway was a spiritual battle. As appalling as it's been, we've all had an amazing education in pure evil; and it's opposite! If more had been awake, it could never have happened, and therein lies the recovery ……………

  12. …Not fools but greedy misanthropes…
    Not errors but acts of malice. I don't believe any of this was good intentions gone wrong. It may not have gone exactly according to plan but, I'll bet it was premeditated with the intention of enriching themselves while robing the public of its freedom.

  13. NONE of these problems get fixed if the mandates get lifted… true. But not lifting the mandates is not a place to be either, surely? Or are you guys going to send me a weekly stipend?

  14. I believe it's the other way around. At least here in Germany, that's how I would assess the situation. Neither the politicians nor the citizens are mature or mature. Most of it.

    People want to hand over responsibility, even demand it massively, and politicians follow this wish. We now have a Minister of Health who is behaving like a mad medieval priest and very many people do not question his constantly announced hell scenarios. Although this for two years always! were wrong.

    People who want to take responsibility for themselves are simply brushed aside and seen as a threat.

  15. It is no coincidence that some 2000 years ago an apostle wrote that all the world would have to receive a "Mark" without which no one could buy or sell! Today the technology needed for that to occur, for the first time in history is here. The manipulation of enormous pharmaceutical companies and multimillionaire of people around the world is apparent and is accelerating to obtain that goal. God is the only answer.

  16. ALL of those things get fixed if people get behind the Nations of Sanity project because the solution to all of this insanity and criminality is self-evident and undeniable (and presented by the Nations of Sanity project).

  17. Seems about right, group mass insanity. We will either render ourselves extinct, or what's left of us will land somewhere and continue. Or, another possibility, is that we have a creator, or God if you like, who will intervene. I lean toward the latter, but maybe because it's what I wish to believe. We are a fragile species, yet we are pretty resilient. Time will tell.

  18. You sound so naïve…”risked creating it” that was a calculated move good sir. You have no comprehension of the Nature of the cultural group to which you belong. Michael Bradley articulates it in his work Ice Man Inheritance. Furthermore, all “Humans” are not 100% Human genetically. There are empirical documented evidence that physiological differences and genetic exist between melanin dominant and melanin recessive mortal beings.

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