NOOO! Joe, Wait A Mi— STAHP!

Biden does a big oof during speech.

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  1. Just saw an article saying "misinformation of Biden speech edits are circulating on Facebook" even if this is true you don't need to edit him to get him fucking up everything he does he does it naturally on his own, and to be honest that just seems like how his family works.

  2. “Every Every Day we must bear witness…” Wtf are these people, deities or something?

    They’ve got their own words for it; but then they commandeer an ordinary, English word meaning “conflagration” or “catastrophe”, Capitalize it, use it to select out less than 1/11th of the people murdered between 1939-1945, and we’re supposed to sacralize it.
    No: In my book, you worship a race – ANY race – you worship an idol.

    Take a gander at the last names of the mostly-women the Dryrot Puppet nominates for top-tier movers and shakers of US. You’d think at first glance we’re being overrun by Eastern Europeans.

    Cultural appropriation! 🧐😄

  3. Well considering the white house doc had concerns about his mental state, the same doc who took care of trump, Obama and Bush stated biden thought he was running for senate at one point during the presidential campaign.

  4. I just hope yall understand this really is more than Biden, and the path the country is on is going to happen regardless whos president. These presidents are just puppets, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Obama theyre all on the same team working towards the same plan. They got a lot of yall brainwashed into hating eachother because you support 1 guy but hate the other and its really all part of their plan and most ppl fall for it. It saddens me that most ppl fail to see through the bs. Just know theres an evil far greater then little old Joe Biden. God bless you Jesus loves you.

  5. Why were there wooden doors with gaps at the bottom? Why did they have glass windows? Why were the Allies only allowed to inspect 3 of 17 work camps? Why is it illegal to say these things in Europe?

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