NOOO! Someone Please Stop Him From Talking…PLEASE

Everytime he talks, he messes up. This time around, he admits he didn’t follow the advice from the CEOs about the upcoming shortage.

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  1. I apologize for the reupload. I didn't realize Fox News' broadcast which I used for the original version of this video, had its audio corrupted for mobile devices. I used another source for the stream and the audio is now working fine on Desktop and Mobile.

  2. Hmm that's funny, Canada is saying the exact same bs about the purity in their factories! However its good enough for our government to give them over 100 million and send it to China!!!

  3. You and Your Regime should have KNOWN and DID KNOW about the shortage… Typical DEMS blaming others for their incompetence. However, this definitely was in their plans.

  4. The purity of the formula??? The government doesn't care maybe he meant there aren't enough poisons in it.
    You better be worried about the formula now and those that can should breastfeed.

    Pure lies is the only thing Joe knows.

  5. You seen it as you stockpiled formula for the illegals at the border a long time ago, that amount of formula didn’t just show up with one phone call and a couple trucks that was planned long ago another bumbling lie, no one even attempts to believe anything you say anymore

  6. It had nothing to do with Abbott and has more to do with WIC federal nutrition plan and it's government contracts. Whatever is leftover is for the States but they rely heavily on federal income and thus they rely on welfare handouts effectively so why work towards "supply and demand" when you can just soak up federal money.

    Let's keep in mind that there are 3 other major baby formula companies that weren't shut down during this "crisis" which happened perfectly with the Primaries… no shock there.

    Baby formula has always been in a state of limbo and I've seen minor shortages on and off for like 2 decades now.

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