Nooooo! You cant expose our NARRATIVE like this!!


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  1. While getting active, take this information with you, it is pure gold. Hivemind is correct, the left hammers anything they can. The right does not have much in the way of national messageing, so take this with you and spread it.

  2. Charlottesville was literally every huwite supreme in the country…all 400 of them…out of a population of 350 million…1 in 875,000 or 0.00000115% of the population. These retards are not a threat. I beg of you people, all of you people, stop watching the news, observe your surroundings, see what's really happening, and arm yourselves accordingly. Not with violence, but with education and knowledge.

  3. Antifa is a terrorist organization. So does BLM.
    "sToPaSiAnHaTe" only represents far-leftist/Woke Asians/Asian-Americans and is discriminatory towards Asians/Asian-Americans who aren't far-left/Woke.

    Happy New Year's 2023 to you Hivemind!

  4. House Sargent at Arms is correct. If it was a BLM riot at the White House the building would be burned to the ground and no one would be prosecuted. Also they would still blame it on President Trump.

  5. I have always maintained that the Charlottesville "Nazis" were 99% paid protesters. Paid, of course, by Leftists, to create and stoke a narrative against MAGA conservatives. Did anyone notice how they ALL wore the EXACT same brand-new shirts? So, none of these goons had their own shirts with swastikas prior to Charlottesville? It was typical 'in your face' mockery that we see REGULARLY from the liberals.

  6. I think you misunderstand one thing, in their eyes "whites" are the only race that can be racist so hoaxes, misunderstandings, lies, are irrelevant in their eyes they still consider "whites" as the most racist group. Their major problem is they don't have the numbers to support their narratives and have to jump through hoops to orchestrate hoaxes knowing full well it doesn't matter if it's true it'll serve it's purpose before they get found out.

  7. If Ashley was literally any other colour or ethnicity or religion, we would still be in a state of riot. Thank goodness only whites died at the capitol. This is how they divide us. Divide and conquer, a script as old as time. Come together, as most Americans are capable of in dire times, despite cultural backgrounds and upbringings, and rid the country of these serpents. The rest of the Western world looks to you for guidance, please do us this service.

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