Nord Stream – Did Russia Just Expose THIS?

With Sweden saying they are not willing to share Nord Stream investigation findings it seems like we’ll never know who sabotaged the pipelines. But the US MSM are pretty sure – good job they’re reliable and don’t collaborate with the US government…. Oh. #Ukraine #Russia #War

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. What do German people think ? I think the US is trying to destroy German power as well as Russia. I may be wrong of course and blowing up the pipeline was the same as trying to help an alcoholic friend by hiding the booze. Maybe the Americans do really care for their German friends and only blew up the pipeline to help them 🙂
    PS – great stuff Russel

  2. you mean they have to stop what trump had stopped and Biden approved while canceling ours. Biden is Putin's bitch he's china's bitch he's Iran's bitch he's mexicos bitch Venezuela and Mexico talk shit to us now

  3. Russel I think your the best mate.
    What do think of the Geoengineering here in Australia for a year now they have been flooding Australia there are over 50
    Haarp stations around the country Chem trails everywhere they are deploying Chem bombs continually..

    This is Australia playing it’s part for the Dark state it is criminal
    Wake UP Australia

  4. Can you research Geoengineering and do a segment on at the Paris Agreement just recently they agreed to deploy this weapon on the planet and it’s citizens thanks Russell

  5. When Germany says it knows who blew up the pipelines and wouldn’t say it out loud & Sweden not willing to disclose the investigation details says it all … it both countries had any evidence pointed at Russia, they would have already said so

  6. CNN, BBC and most Western news tells us Russia is running out of money but also Russia blew up their own pipeline that makes money. What kind of dumb people believe that?

  7. C'mon "what are russia's motives?" This video right here is one of Russia's motives. A damage that could be repaired in 6 months just makes Russia seem under attack in a period that they cannot prove anything else than being the aggresor. Russia might not be good in a conventional war but it excels in informational war for more than 30 years. Russia needs false flag attacks against itself like air!!!!

  8. Sorry! But I have to say what about Putin and his followers stealing and destroying grain shipments and stealing them from Ukraine and causing all the bullshit their causing in Ukraine !

  9. Love the fact that Canada removed the crime of spreading lies and dis-information from the criminal act in 2019 🤔 now you get an $80 fine and a criminal record for nuisance, if you speak a truth

  10. Russel, why are you dancing around the most important point? It's Russia's pipeline! They could just turn it off if they wanted to, so why destroy their own infrastructure? A pipelines which generate revenue for Russia? Seriously, don't act like this is a whodunit – it was the US, period. It's more obvious that ever that mainstream media is a mouthpiece for the state

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