Nord Stream Operators: Authorities WON’T ALLOW US To Inspect Damaged Pipelines

Lt. Col. Daniel Davis weighs in on operators of Nord Stream, the network of the Baltic Sea gas pipelines that linked Russia and Germany until they both leaked last week, who have said that authorities are not allowing them to inspect damaged pipelines, according to Reuters. #NordStream #Russia #putin

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  1. Robby, as usual, saying the dumbest stuff you can find anywhere on 'alternative' media….'I think Russia did it…' Go for it Robby, and remember to get your 4th, 5th and 6th vaccines for a virus that has migrated into something entirely different. And for this kind of gibberish, The Hill got rid of Kim Iversen. Wow!

  2. Robbie's a cutie Ide definatly take him home & twist him into a pretzel.
    That shirt & Tie combo is very cute I must say.

    I also want to say that Im a very straight hetrosexual man,thats how cute Robbie is.

    The pipes Leaked after they burst…Hahaha.

  3. Russia feels that its national security is at risk since 2014, when the US got openly involved attempting to wrestle away the Russian access to the Mediterranean through the Black Sea and Crimea.
    This is the cornerstone of whatever is happening in Ukraine even since (and, to some extent, that happened before – the US government and intelligence services invested a LOT of money and resources into making Maidan happen).

  4. Blah blah blah, the Schill that is now the Hill has no credibility on matters of importance. This Australian, my countrymen, the entire world infact is under no illusions as to what happened to the gas pipeline. Denying the involvement of the US in the "terrorist" attack in said pipeline is laughable.

  5. First they bombed the pipelines, then they do not allow the Russians to inspect the damage, then they plant fake evidence to incriminate Russia, then they sanctioned the equipment necessary for repairs. Wow!

  6. These pipelines were already not being used, the Russians are throttling the gas they're allowing to be sold to Germany because they want to collapse the German economy.

  7. Germany wouldn't have this problem without that idiot Merkle gutting the nuclear capability of Germany. It used to make up 33 percent of their total energy production… in part this is a problem Germany allowed by relying on Russia. They should've never put the nord stream pipelines in.

  8. I'm Dutch and out Prime Minister won't even agree that it is insane that the US is in the investigation team on the sabotage. 'The US is never behind this'. All the Dutch media is hinting towards Russia. I can't believe what of a situation where in.

  9. Saddam Hussein burnt oil fields in the 90s. Don't bother trying to find rationality in an irrational man such as Putin. He will try every dirty plan and trick to hold power. If you need an example then just take a gander at Donald Trumps antics.

    For both of these bozos there is a 30 cent solution. Or we can wait until they get 100s of millions of us killed. Kind of a no brainer here.

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