Nord Stream Pipeline: Now It Makes Sense

In a mystery worthy of a Cold War-era spy novel natural gas supply lines linking Russia to Europe were hit by unexplained underwater explosions in the Baltic Sea this week. The culprit is unknown, as is the precise cause, so if this is sabotage, who might have done it, and who stands to benefit most from it? #Ukraine #Russia #War

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. I think that you are behind the plot to blow up the pipeline. You are actually a CIA operative and are just pretending to be a comic for a cover? LOL

  2. Not many people can pull off delivering totally dire and depressing world events that are honest while also being funny and somehow keeping it light hearted. This is art and we appreciate it.

  3. I just want to say
    Anyone that voted for this administration is completely to blame you should be ashamed of your self’s
    People are dying and suffering and your hatred fueled this

  4. Remember OBL was blamed for 911 attack. A guy in a cave in Afghanistan pre FB days? With a walkie-talkie OBL pulls such an attack that went under the radar of the CIA, FBI, Scotland Yard, MI5, CIA and the rest of the Western spy agencies. Then they found OBL's passport a few blocks down the road. It was not burned but the iron was burnt. Some guys proved that jet fuel does not melt iron beams. But they sold you their story. The rest is history. All you need do is find the one-page document called: Policy of a New American Century and note the signatories who were part of propping up GWBush.

  5. Fits climate change agenda. All part of the WEF plan they are all in it together. It’s all a cover to lower the use of natural gas. Russel will know this too he’s just not allowed to talk about his real views he’s just a puppet with a different way of presenting the news.

  6. Germany, and Europe at large, is feeling the energy pinch. Russia offers to reopen the has line( reopen, as in the are not supplying gas) if sanctions are lifted. Just on that, what more do you need. And why would Russia blow it up and therefore have to pay so, so much to repair it if Europe asks for gas? Why would Russia blow it up if it is offering to resupply gas to Europe?
    America has a vested interest in the sanctions if not the war. So any wavering of European countries is a threat.
    Just those points alone, without the USA wanting to sell gas and oil to Europe is enough.
    Occam’s Razor pretty much dictates that, at the very least, Russia did not blow it’s own infrastructure up.

  7. Here is a hot take.
    1. The US did it.
    2. In a way, Europe and Russia deserved it.

    Seriously, why would Europe so blindly enslave themselves to Putin? Idiots. Even worse Trump told them to their face that Putin would threaten them with energy and start a war, and the European politicians SMUGGLY LAUGHED! They reaped what they sowed.

  8. Russell Brand. Iran's tyranical regime is killing us in the streets. We Iranians are rising against the dictators and shame on you for not talking about it. they are killing us in the cities in the prisons and you don't talk about our revolution against this horrifying regime. You talk about humanity but when it matters you are as silent as CNN. Support our revolution for women life and freedom. #mahsaamini

  9. There was a U.S. military plane flying high altitude most likely in a support mode as seen in flight tracking sites and a stealthy drone boat from the Ukraine was found near a military base on russias coast, and a report from the US navy’s website about a “drill” they did in that area, all 3 are related to what happened. They drone boat was found a few days after. I do believe it was western sabotage composing of the US and Germany and Ukraine and maybe a few more countries that helped.

    Biden was on tour in Europe earlier in the year,no doubt that the talk was about Europe needs to stop relying on russia. I honestly don’t care who did it, but more about the motive behind it. I’m 99% sure Biden made a deal with European countries to buy from the US, or at least planted that seed in their heads that they shouldn’t rely on Russia for anything.
    This is a money out of motive move.

  10. 100 bilion worth of gas went up onto the air…90% of it methane…but cows and meat eatters are the problem….
    and russia needs to stole 100 milion of ukrainian grain to found the war….this world is soooo dumb…..

  11. In 1982 the CIA sabotaged a Soviet pipeline in Siberia.
    US software caused the explosion in the gas pipeline that was so large it could be seen in space.

    The Anglo-Atlantic Empire did not want Europe to purchase Soviet gas… & it was prepared to use American power to stop it from happening.

    This was originally posted at the Washington Post on February 27, 2004.
    By David Hoffman

    In January 1982, President Ronald Reagan approved a CIA plan to sabotage the economy of the Soviet Union through covert transfers of technology that contained hidden malfunctions, including software that later triggered a huge explosion in a Siberian natural gas pipeline, according to a memoir by a Reagan White House official.

    Thomas C. Reed, a former Air Force secretary who was serving in the National Security Council at the time, describes the episode in “At the Abyss: An Insider’s History of the Cold War,” published by Ballantine Books. Reed writes that the pipeline explosion was just one example of “cold-eyed economic warfare” against the Soviet Union that the CIA carried out under Director William J. Casey during the final years of the Cold War.

    At the time, the United States was attempting to block Western Europe from importing Soviet natural gas. There were also signs that the Soviets were trying to steal a wide variety of Western technology.

    “In order to disrupt the Soviet gas supply, its hard currency earnings from the West, and the internal Russian economy, the pipeline software that was to run the pumps, turbines, and valves was programmed to go haywire, after a decent interval, to reset pump speeds and valve settings to produce pressures far beyond those acceptable to pipeline joints and welds,” Reed writes.

    “The result was the most monumental non-nuclear explosion and fire ever seen from space,” he recalls, adding that U.S. satellites picked up the explosion. Reed said in an interview that the blast occurred in the summer of 1982.

    Fast forward to today.
    The Anglo-Atlantic Empire, which includes elements of the current German Regime, is willing to use unrestrained American power to halt Russian gas sales into Europe.

    Pres. Biden: "If Russia invades…then there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it."
    Reporter: "But how will you do that, exactly, since…the project is in Germany's control?"
    Biden: "I promise you, we will be able to do that."

    KINETIC 💥💥

    Operation BALTOPS 22: June 2022
    Seapower magazine—the official magazine of the Navy League—reported in June on a US exercise in the Baltic Sea, directly over the spots where two massive, undersea explosions took out the Nord Stream pipeline.

    Sea Power, goes on to brag about experiments in the field of underwater drones, which they put on exercises BALTOPS 22 — just in the area of the island of Bronholm.

    Experimentation was conducted off the coast of Bornholm, Denmark, with participants from Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific, Naval Undersea Warfare Center Newport, and Mine Warfare Readiness and Effectiveness Measuring all under the direction of U.S. 6th Fleet Task Force 68. Navy UUV drone tech tested.

    …how convenient!

    US military aircraft circled Nord Stream incident site in September
    By Al Mayadeen English
    Source: Agencies
    28 Sep 22

    The US military reportedly carried out sorties over the future site of the Nord Stream pipeline "incident" in the Baltic Sea.

    extract from article:
    "US military helicopters habitually and on numerous occasions circled for hours over the site of the Nord Stream pipelines incident near Bornholm Island earlier in September, Flightradar24 data showed.

    Earlier this month, a US Navy Sikorsky MH-60R Seahawk helicopter spent hours loitering over the location of the damaged natural gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea near Bornholm for several days in a row, September 1, 2, and 3, in particular."

    NAVSUP, mission partners sustain USS Kearsarge ARG readiness for Baltic Sea exercises
    12 September 2022

    Kearsarge Group in area holding smoking gun with means & motive.

  12. I'm really confused. He said, "If Russia invades … meaning if Russian tanks cross the border AGAIN," or something to that effect. Does that mean tanks had already crossed the border? Question 2, in his dementia dominated brain where the time/space continuum getting shuffled like cards, does that mean when the Soviets pulled their tanks out when the Soviet Union collapsed? I would think that one tank, ready to fire, crossing an international boundary qualifes as an invasion. Maybe that's technically a probing expedition, or minor incursion. Subjective definitions are really hard to keep straight. I like the objective definition. If a troop or tank armed and without permission enters another country, that feels like a decent objective definition of "invasion."

    I honestly have no idea who did the Nordstream 2, or why Nordstream 1 is still I guess in tact and operational. I really don't think it matters, both of these world leaders are completely immune to any human empathy or rational thought. I wish I could compare all of this stuff to 007 and sophisticated Bond villainy, but it's far more ridiculous than that. We're not talking about Goldfinger and Le Chiffre, it's like Dr. Evil and Goldmember where these globalist idiots are simply competing to see who is actually more evil with no real idea why they're being evil except maybe boredom and ego. The problem is that this stuff is real and we've got two Cold War sociopaths with Xi waiting to see who dies first to see who can literally ruin billions of people's lives everywhere.

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