Nord Stream pipeline & sabotaging peace w/Jeffrey Sachs (Live)

Nord Stream pipeline & sabotaging peace w/Jeffrey Sachs (Live)
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Written by The Duran


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  1. From:- RSingh (New Delhi)
    Bank of America has approched Federal Reserve Bank, saying it is being targeted by a Bank Run on it, Main Stream Media is supresing this, Every body keep/use caution

  2. Narrative management is 'immediate': demoralisation, which infection may be spread by an alternative narrative if it penetrates the public consciousness, by rumour, and by a slow departure of immediate, observable reality from the narrative, poisons slowly.

    Cold and hunger can carry the only narrative Russia needs to project to the dinner table and the sitting room.

  3. Four dangerous lunatics in the White House brings the world to the brink. But all this madness is only possible due to the complete disappearance of Western journalism in February 2022! When we all dive into an authentic Orwellian dysptopia. The biggest disinformation campaign ever in the West. Which is the great fact parallel to the military conflict itself in an absolutely symbiotic relationship. Because the conflict was not possible without the disinformation campaign! Which even hides the presence of NATO training troops for 8 years in Ukraine, which is not a NATO country. Which in itself informs about the real responsible for the conflict. Which also proves that the conflict and the provocations to Russia in Donbass were running in the White House since the coup in 2014. Because no one mounts the current Russophobic campaign in all the West in 15 days.

    When Biden was trying to settle the date of Russia's entry into Ukraine, he was also commanding the advance of thousands of Ukrainian troops to the line of contact in Donbass for their ultimate annihilation. Reason why Russia invoked art. 51 of the UN Charter! Only this command allowed Biden to know that Russia had no other solution but the invasion. Russia that entered Ukraine just to force the Kiev Govt to negotiate. Fulfilling the Minsk Accords. And it's fascinating the hope that only a journalist like Sy Hersh brings back to humanity. A living legend of journalism who doesn't have a big newspaper to write?! Elucidating the hole where the West fell in terms of Democracy, true and free speech!

  4. Is this all a cunning plan by the Chinese to weaken America?

    The Chinese have the ability to think 40 years ahead, or more. They could have cunningly planned to befuddle the wits of our Governing classes by sending agents trained in Feng Shui to rearrange the furniture and plants in such a way that it causes disharmony and confusion?

    The Kaiser tried to warn us about these Chinese devils!

  5. The Neocon have the conviction that the Russian nuclear arsenal is obdolete and Russian nuclesr missiles will not surpass the NATO defense shield. In fact, they believe the US can shut down all those missiles just at the moment they take off. That is whst Washington is telling its NATO allies.

  6. But isn’t it fair to say that the only country benefiting from this war is the US? 1. Europe must now buy gas from them at 4x the cost. 2. Germany is virtually de-industrialising because it no longer has cheap reliable energy because of it’s association with Russia. 3. The US military Industrial Complex gets huge benefits by manufacturing weapons for Ukraine and later to supply weapons to NATO countries whom provided weapons to Ukraine. Why would the US end this? Because the people don’t like it (NO) or maybe because of a move toward China? Europe has literally been destroyed by its ally, the US will move on eventually. Then what?

  7. Yes I agree the collapse of any unity between these European is about to happen,remember these people in power were probably put there,the people will bring them down,I hope they are brought to justice to face the peoples court,given fair trial and then shot.

  8. For the elected officials in the united states, they should be worried. I see more and more American citizen asking them questions AND demanding that they and their children/grandchildren MUST join the military and fight if war with Russia and China go forward. If they vote yes, they must sacrifice THEIR children and grandchildren (all of them) and their wealth and their legacy. They need to risk if they are so sure of their convictions.

  9. Am i wrong to say we are going to see Nazism reborn and new Hitler in Germany. Because everyone in Germany is reading this news and saying our leaders don't care about us they are spineless and puppet of United States of America a new Nationalist will come will say they have betrayed the German people and probably win that will be end to Europe.

  10. A Sustainable Development Ghoul . An advisor to the Davos Vatican UN Inclusive Capitalism initiative . A Climate Change flim flam man . And not one comment addresses that reality . I have low expectations of the Duran .

  11. Just saw a caricature cartoon type picture by French comic magazine Charlie Hebdo, it's a picture of a few damaged buildings in Turkey typically found after a earthquake, and next to the buildings they wrote no need for TANKS. The French Government has not criticised Charlie Hebdo, neither has the French Government offered Turkey or Syria any help whatsoever. Even Ukraine has offered help to Turkey and Syria, considering they are in a war it's a very kind gesture.

  12. Alex and Alexander, I’ve been a constant follower of your incessant contributions towards well placed research, truth and honesty in rapidly correcting any mistakes. I consider that your podcast today with Jeffrey Sachs to be an outstanding example of the importance and timing given to the information you both portray. Sachs, in my opinion is the most outstanding diplomat I’ve ever come across in the USA in a long time. Just research his College Professorship and Worldly efforts in the United Nations and you can imagine “ Make the World Better” by global plurality .
    Your show today was hurried but sharp and to the point as always.
    You guys are real citizens of the world and should somehow be commended by some organization other than the Noble.
    With my respects,
    Salomón Monserrate
    San Juan , Puerto Rico

  13. Although Alexander Mercouris is the principal man in this Duran pairing, I've always been impressed by Alex Christoforou's quiet, intelligent, thoughtful probing and contribution to the team.

  14. That the two Green party protagonists in the German government, Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck, are such zealous warmongers is perhaps one of the biggest singularities of this whole Europe / USA / Ukraine / Russia affair. I am a Green party member in NZ. I could never conceive a single Green member behaving like these two. The whole Green world-wide ethos is anathematic to their stance.

  15. There is no possibility of influencing the NeoCon Biden team to cease their escalation. This 7s a very grim situation Americans are are blithely ignorant that the U.S. behavior towards Russia is total hostility with the.intention to destroy the Russian nation.

  16. Good videos…important topics,,, with perplexing twists and turns…with dangerous outcomes shifting from possible to probable the way they are going…cheers from OZ..Удачи правде, удачи России🙃🙃

  17. Thanks Duran and Mr. Sachs for such an interesting and informative discussion. I could not agree more with what was said and I especially appreciate the recognition that Russia originally did not war or Ukrainian territory except Crimea after their referendum asking to join the Russian Federation. That fact is rarely ever stated in public discussions, outside yours. Thank you for the video! 🤠

  18. There is a new rule in the Rules Based World Order:
    – It is not ok when 'terrorists' use chemical weapons against establish authorities. But it is ok when establish authorities use chemical weapons against terrorists..
    So, since Russia is a State sponsor of terrorism, the agents of the 'War on Terror' are authorized to use chemical weapons against the terrorists Russia is sponsoring.

  19. I think if Russia falls, it won't be due to war.
    It will be due to creation of- Cult Of Personality around Putin.

    They are falling into same trap Stalin fell into, i.e. creating Empire around cult of personality.

    Instead of developing robust (yet protected) economics system & cohesive society/social system.

    No matter who inherents, can sustain it, easily.

  20. Sweden is silent aswell the Swedish Police Department and the Swedish Security Police (Säpo) has evidence who did the sabotage. I think they are silent becouse they getting paid to be…i called them yesterday (Säpo) they dont really wanna talk about it…only answers i got is okej/ok/okey on the thing i had to say.

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