Norm MacDonald’s Posthumous Cancellation

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  1. every single person who wants to cancel norm just does not get have to have more than one brain cell to grasp the great and wonderful humor of norm

  2. He was also not a hateful son of a bitch. You guys realize this right? He was true to himself, but he wasn't a hateful dick. He never shat on LGBT other than a gag or two on weekend update. Rarely said anything straight up spiteful to any minority. Said sexist jokes, and controversial humor. But never straight up just bagged on anyone other than OJ and the Clintons tbh.

  3. Re: "why am I putting in the work to your transition"
    Gender is a social construct. Meaning it's not personal. You don't identify as or with your gender, you're identifiable as your gender.
    So if you can't identify someone as the gender they say they are, they aren't yet that gender.
    Hense transitioning.

  4. I don't think he was racist, etc. And he was hilarious. But two things can be true at once. He loved crossing the line, and comedians just have to deal with the consequences of that. The world has changed. Comedians think they don't have to.

  5. I don't understand why the media have been saying that Louis is making a comeback in 2021. Louis toured in 2019 and released a special in April 2020. Many of his gigs in 2021 are, like a lot of shows around the world, were originally scheduled for 2020 but postponed because of Covid.

  6. Your explanation of the difference between the clap and the involuntary laugh is spot on!! Love it. Side note- I think your buddy with the white shirt there doesn’t have a dog house the way he’s reacting to your obvious admiration for Norm.

  7. Jenny was just offended by his humor, cowards always attack when they can't get hit back.

    Norm was too honest of a guy to be guilty of those accusations, shameful society it is today

  8. Putting the country into debt to give tax breaks to people???? WTF???? Tax breaks increase revenue to the treasury. Spending puts the country into debt. Congress holds the purse strings in this country.

  9. They use Prescriptive Language rather than the standard of communication which is Descriptive Language.
    Prescriptive means that if they have a majority of people using it their way then that's what it means.

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