Norwegian feminist faces jail time in Norway for ‘stating the obvious’

Feminist Christina Ellingsen joins ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ to detail the 3-year-sentence she faces in prison for saying men cannot be women, girls, nor mothers.
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  1. Feminists and old fashioned men seem to be uniting. Left and right wings of politics seem to be uniting. Black and white need to unite. As when this happens the criminals causing the division will be left isolated.

  2. As a Christian the bodom line is the fight between Good and evil we are in the fight pray for that country and please pray for what's true and right and yes God gave us science it will also LEED us to truth may we be as Smart as the evil one in Jesus name

  3. Rise of democratic totalitarianism. It will happend more and more across Western societies. There is nothing sacred about democracy if it's pushed across the limits. It becomes a new form of totalitarian regime just as bad as any other totalitarian system.

  4. i wonder if she appreciates the irony that the only platform that airs her is the one that she and everyone on her side has been told is the enemy. that should make people wake up but i doubt it…

  5. Good. I still remember when feminists were having the power and using it to silence "misogynists". Now it is being used to silence "transphobes". It's funny seeing it go full circle.

  6. Being female or male is not a matter of how you feel but the one's chromosomes arrangement and its physiological features and differences that are undoubtedly present and obvious. One can say that the Sun is the Moon or vice versa. But common logic only guide us and tells us truth. It's all about common logic, nothing more and nothing less.

  7. I feel bad for her honestly BUT she did say she's been voting her entire life for the very same people that are now going to lock her up for telling the truth. Hard to say that's not some kind of karma.

  8. And by stating the obvious, this proves that this world and those ruling it, are just idiots…!!! Welcome to the agenda of idiocy, nonsense and much

  9. Mankind turned their back to the Creator and His commandments. Instaed of choosing good and life the wrong choice was made. The more we detached ourselves from The King of the Kings the more we introduced and accepted evil into our lifes. The result: Every perversion, every corruption is now welcome and glorified. Darkness is the new enlightment and truth is the new lie. There is only one solution: Back to the G"Dly truth and the G"Dly will. Back to the Creator. Or is mentioning Him also a big crime?

  10. So sad when the truth is called a lie and lies are called the truth. But, that is the way of the world, even as God said things would go on these last days. I bless God that the attack on the truth of what she said is causing her and others to begin to see the lies of the Left.

  11. This extent of insanity is what you get when a Global 're-set' is succeeding. This is the most disgusting and abominable actions to imprison all of us, and force the 'compliance Police' to make you approve of subservience. It's their job to force the compliance, of the masses. Personally, I will Not Comply, or shut up. Take my body if you must. But, you will never take my soul. It appears that more and more room is being prepared in Hell for these 'mind controlled' manipulators of these countries, according to the highest paying Monster.

  12. How big is the percentage of the LGBTQ community in the world? Not to big I recon, Yet the power we so freely give them is hurting the majority ! Wauw, we're seriously this far out.

  13. Wow, Norway, run by oppressive, tyrants. I have no respect for that country or its people for allowing that type of abuse to take place. Thank God we have free speech here.

  14. @TuckerCarlson. Norway adopted the insane policy the democrooks in the US are portraiting.
    And boy do they hate Trump.
    Fake mainstream media cut'n paste from all the fake news media and big tech. ..and Norwegian govt. Seems to love the Chinese…

  15. She had a hand in this. She said she aligned herself with radical feminism. Radical feminists wants to eliminate any distinction (including biological) between men and women by any means necessary.

  16. This is what happens when the "tell your teacher if anyone says anything you don't like, ever" generation grows up and starts reporting people to a government that is only too willing to help.

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