NOT A DRILL, Youtube May Be Shutting Down My Channels With New Restrictions

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  1. Yuri Bezmenov was right. Just another way to keep indoctrination of children going without any waves being made. This is just absolutely disgusting and nothing much you can do about it nowadays with how much control these kind of companies have on the information people will/won't receive.

  2. I think its surveillance, the more age restriction the more people will likely sign in to watch. They want to monitor people & sell their data. Youtube doesn't like that people watch anonymously. It makes it easier for them to silence people & use the AI to minimize content they don't like, like a Trump support video. That way they can push Biden & BLM crap on everyone.

  3. The whole point is to allow CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc., etc., etc., the Chinese controlled media unfettered access to spread propaganda to the people. More than likely LGBT, ANTIFA, BLM, and the democrats will not be censored.

  4. Switch platforms Tim. I would love to change platforms and have signed up to your other platforms. I come here because it seems as though YouTube is your preferred means of monetizing content. My loyalty to to the providers of content and f YouTube right in the butt.

    Recently signed up to Rumble cause it became a content providers preferred platform.

  5. Emo-southpark just go to the "hard working, innovating, creative, backbone of america" and start your own internet and social media…you know because the left can't meme…???

  6. This is going to decimate lots of creators. Hollywood and the MSM won’t be touched in the slightest, it doesn’t have the rules sets the rest go by.

  7. I am subscribed to 2 of your channels. I loved this one because you get right to the point. I "listen" to most of my YouTube channels rather than watch. I just found your channel a few months ago. I am a super conservative. I find myself agreeing with you more often than not. I really aporeciate your ability of discussing an issue and presenting other views. Gee – kinda like America use to be able to do. You are down to earth and are not afraid of calling out either side. In other words, your fair. Thank you. I will continue to listen and start sharing your podcasts.

  8. As much as you drive me crazy, I am subscribed. I like watching your content so I hope this doesn't mean you'll disappear from youtube because digging post holes is more profitable.

  9. Even though Tim and others post to BitChute I put up with the ads and watch them on YT solely because BitChute isn't monetized. Still, I'm trying to ween myself away from YT and watch more on BitChute. Until BitChute and other emerging platforms can afford to pay content creators they'll never be able to compete with YT. Tim could also join a conglomerate like Blaze TV but that puts most of his content behind a paywall unless he shares with YT like Crowder. I know Tim likes to be independent so I wouldn't expect him to join a Blaze type platform but there is strength in numbers. As it stands now YT can choke the life out of Tim's business any time they want.

  10. I think what you foresees is a little bit too pessimistic. Even if the applications of AI creates too much inconvenience for content creators, it would be possible to file complaints to Youtube. Keep up the great work.

    Do inform us in the case that it goes really bad.