Not enough time to release independent reviews into covid rules prior to election.

The Andrews Labor government has indicated that it will not have enough time to release the findings of two independent reviews into covid rules related to mandates and health orders prior to the election in November.

Despite the independent reviews being made available to the government last week, Health Minister Mary-Ann Thomas claims the two sitting days left in Parliament will not be enough time for her department to consider advice on the contents of the reviews prior to release.

The independent reviews were a part of a mechanism to provide transparency and accountability around rules and health orders placed on Victorian as the Labor government secured votes for the permanent pandemic legislation with the help of cross-benchers Fiona Patten, Samantha Ratnam, Andy Meddick and Rod Barton.

There is currently a motion in the Upper House led by the opposition party which would allow the parliament extra sitting days in October if passed. This would allow for the four sitting days set aside in the legislation for the Health Minister to table the reviews for public release, without this it is not clear if any steps will be taken by the Andrews government to release any information to the public about the reviews prior to the election.

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  1. Anyone who "votes' is giving these criminals permission to carry on ! Grow some GD brains FFS! The People are the only ones that can take back their land. Speak some bloody TRUTH Rukshan !
    "Those puny little ants outnumber us a hundred to one, If they ever figure that out, there goes OUR way of Life!" ….

  2. It doesn't matter. You'd have to be a utter fool to think that despite every other arm of government being completely, unreformably corrupt and politically captured by Dan.. The electoral commission is pristine and untouched.

  3. Easy solution tell people to assume they are hiding things so vote them out …they ruined a great country…kick em out..remember the last 2 years of dictatorship and ruined lives …reminds me of Nzi Germany..
    Leak the report

  4. This Andrews government lack of integrity is astonishing in the least and it has the transparency of LEAD. The reports must be scathing of their mismanagement or they would have rushed to have them released to the parliament.

  5. The sad reality is this….he will most likely get back in as the bulk of the public only believe what the talking heads on the magic box tell them to believe.
    It's been a very long time since the media was unbiased and it won't swing back towards sanity and decency anytime soon.
    A recent poll I saw said over 50% of men said he was doing a great job, and over 90% of women said the same.
    Fear sells so the msm peddle it non stop, and most people will do anything and believe any garbage they're fed for the illusion of safety.

  6. They're all very quite tonight, Dan bc you only let them ask certain questions, or they aren't allowed to attend the press conference, or get arrested (eg. Avi Yemini). Wakeup Victoria, never forget.

  7. It's more than a shame, it's appalling. I believe that the evidence contained within the report – as long as it's based on actual facts – would incriminate Dan and his cronies yet again. This, of course, would be detrimental to the elections outcomes. Or maybe, there are so many more people now, who see through our government's actions. Let's hope so.

  8. Voting should definitely be as a result of past and present actions of the candidates. And NOT based on promises. We know that their promises have almost all been broken. This too, should be considered as their past action. They reflect whether they can be trusted or not.

  9. Yet they can push through legislation through parliament that is of benefit to them extremely quickly and yet they can't do an independent review in a few days is quite funny.

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