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  1. An Irish Catholic priest who supported Bernie Sanders, an Episcopalian bishop who supported that guy pretending to be Donald TRump, and a Jewish Rabbi, a lifelong supporter of Joe Biden, were all on a 757 flying over New York when Cessna Pilots armed with high-tech carbon fiber knives burst into the cockpit then, after gesturing wildly to their god, turned the engines off, then parachuted to safety, everybody else who didn't have a parachute, which was everybody, died…

    What? ~ That don't make no sense until you 'REALLY' think about it…
    And Kudos for exposing that NASCAR story 16 (?) years late Mark 😉

  2. I would have been surprised and shocked hearing Live PD was canceled if it was 5 years ago. Now i hear it and it doesn't surprise me one bit. I fucking hate the liberals, it's time to take the power away from them by starting all of our own networks and social media platforms that don't sensor or cancel anyone for any reason. Then maybe a few years down the road after they have canceled everyone they will have put them selves out of business and no longer exist.