Not looking good

We get some details on some of the things currently going on in the country


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  1. Of course math and reading scores are down but it is not only because of the pandemic. It is because teachers are too busy focusing on other crap. When ‘educated’ people saying 2+2=5, that will not produce productive members of society especially if they can’t balance a checkbook.

  2. All kidding aside, the parents of these kids deserve some of the blame. What did they think was going to happen? Reading is the most important thing you can teach your kid. What are they going to do now, wait two years for their kids to catch up? Take some responsibility parents!

  3. Hey, I was just thinking. Since I get Penalized every Stinkin' Month by So. Cal. Edison for using Too Much Electricity just turning on my Air Conditioning. How's Charging my new $70,000 Electric Vehicle going to Save Me Any Money? Even in the Long Run?

  4. This is why I homeschool my children.
    I'm not great at math, but my husband is.
    I'm amazing at English lit, reading and comp,etc.
    I've shared that with my children since they were old enough to talk(6 months old).
    They're some of the smartest kids in our area.
    I think that's pretty sad tbh.

  5. I know where I live they did virtual learning online for preschool and kindergarten, now tell me how much 4 and 5 year olds are going to get out of virtual learning online for 30 minutes to 2 hours a day. It was useless, but the schools got their funding from the government because "school" was in session. When they did go back it was with masks and they all ended up with covid anyway and were fine. All in the name of safety. I ended up subscribing to ABC Mouse for my girls. I don't want them to get behind. It wouldn't take much for me to homeschool them. We as a nation are in big trouble but we are politically correct at least. I can't believe that I as a gen x lived at the peak of our nation and have seen the decline and destruction of our nation. I've seen plowing and logging by mules in my childhood, my great grandma cooked full meals on a wood cook stove and grew her own food and lit her house by coal oil lamps even though she had electricity, and had an outhouse. I loved visiting her. I saw the first computers in school, I've worked in the logwoods, sawmills, became a carpenter, had moonshining relatives, I can raise and can or preserve my own food. I've seen a lot of changes in my 44 years. I'm old enough that I remember the old ways here in Eastern Kentucky. When my generation is gone then we are in a world of hurt as a nation

  6. The symbolism about the Statute of Liberty is wrong. That is a pagan symbol and a sign of the satanic elite ruling the US just like they are ruling the earth.

  7. Ah yes the old if a train is travelling at 150mph from X, how many non binary, Gender binary, Demigender, Genderfluid, multi gender, pan gender, transgender, soy boy snowflakes will it take to get to Y

    That is why your country is in the state it’s in because your teachers are all students of the jimmy saville university

  8. This is what happens when you hire woke losers as teachers. Woke losers spend the entire day talking about their urges and needs, grow ming the kids and having class trips to dragevents. There's never any teaching done.
    I know what some of you are thinking:
    "That's preposterous my kid has good grades on his/her report card."
    Yes. That's because the woke loser in an effort to hide their activities just randomly puts in those grades based on how much it likes the student physically and/or how well the student is responding to the woke ideology. The lower the score the more the student is resisting the ideology or just isn't attractive.

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