Not One Mention of “Riots” by Any Lamestream Network

Take a look at CNNs front page yesterday:

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  1. I flip between all the networks. Some brainlet on MSNBC said with a straight face "If you look you can see the protests are peaceful. IT SEEMS the violence is all coming from the people in uniform." He said this while the image on the screen was a building on fire in Los Angeles.

  2. "Military Firing on Americans on Their PORCH!!" Total top down lok down authority and control……

    Never underestimate very stupid wasp shleeples intermixed with homonoid savages in large #$. pants down weez loot pants up we shoot !##..
    The n w oh globU. S. lust have been preparing planning participating in events for last 20 years hard & fast , waiting on the right crisis/ p lan dem ik to take FULL advantage of…..
    Msm is more of a domestic terroristic threat than anti fa/blm/adl/splc/naacp/aclu/planned parent in duh hood single breeder spew spawners.. WE have organsiations like Antifa, Southern Poverty Law Center, allegedly fighting WHITE RACISM, that is lots of White people fighting against White Racism, but where are the Black people fighting against BLACK RACISM. There are no Black organisations fighting against specifically Black Racism. no Black celebrities speaking out against Black Racist organisations, Black Racists, where are the Black people tearing down Black celebrities who make Racist remarks?
    It is all one-way. There are no Black people fighting Black racism.

  3. What's happening seems obvious to me. Failing to remove him from office by more tricky methods, they then imported a virus and now are doing this. Essentially we're being held at gunpoint and being told that we won't have a return to normality until we vote out trump. Well, FUCK THEM.

  4. This whole thing is a Planned Insurgency, organized and led by PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED AND PAID AGITATORS. They provide masks, signs, sharpies, water and pallets of bricks placed at strategic locations.

  5. Hey Styx, to answer your question about louisville: the riots here are over the police killing of Breona Taylor.the police did a no knock raid in the middle of the night in search of a man who no longer lived there.they shot breona 8 times in her own bedroom.she was an ems worker. Police never identified themselves.she had no idea who stormed into her house and murdered her in cold blood.

  6. And there will be no mention of riots or rioters because.. reason. These riots were never going to be peaceful and the MSM are relishing it. They won't call them riots as riots are violent and destructive and pointless. Floyd? Who cares? The local media in many affected cities are calling them riots.

  7. If the police are not there to protect and serve anymore then what is the point of them being paid taxpayers money? (edit) Any governors who refuse to protect their citizens should be fired for dereliction of duty.

  8. An example of the media brainwash- I listened for key expressions about the protests from the brainwash media and heard 'peaceful' about a hundred times an hour. That is the brainwash narrative they are pushing. So when news watchers unwittingly hear this brainwash media expression over and over, they might utter "Really? I heard the protests were peaceful," if someone mentions the truth in that there were riots everywhere.

  9. @Styxhexenhammer666 : The media , hardly mentioning the word, "riot", reporting on these events, is almost as blatantly denying truth, as you, hardly mentioning the word, "race".

  10. Let us see a show on "Where is the $20 ?" The supposed counterfeit bill that was cited as the reason the Muslim shop owner called the cops .

  11. The peaceful protests unwittingly provide the forward facing facade for the rioters. Not all peaceful protesters are rioters and not all rioters were originally peaceful protesters. But since the rioters want to escalate the violence the cops will escalate, and the police will quickly tear down the facade to prevent the cover it gives to the rioters. Congratulations rioters, you created the situation where CNN screams that Trump has gone full fascist deploying troops. I am sorry, your peaceful protest is a worthwhile cause but since literally every person in the country believes the cops should be charged I don't understand why you continue to knowingly serve as the facade for those who want destroy things.
    Perhaps if these people would actually coordinate with the proper channels they could be protected not only from bad actors within and without, but from being mis-classified as rioters. But no, they form protesting mobs that blur the line and no one is going to take the chance that those thousand bodies won't just charge the line of 20 cops with shields and kill them because someone lets off a round in the air and screams the cops shot him. I do understand the irony of having the cops protect your protests that are protesting police violence, but shit you might be able to change minds being calm and rational over being an unorganized mob of people loosely calling for the same things…

  12. Not mentioning the "Riots" to help along the lies about Trump who is for protesters and against rioters especially Antifa instigators full of young white leftists.

  13. My concerns are into the future after all of the really slow kids figure out they should definitely stop voting Democrat what sort of government will we have when there is no viable second party which can in anyway compete with Republicans. Sure it sounds like a nice problem to have TODAY but really what about in 20 years of zero Democrats in government because everyone figured out they were all either crazy, broken or deeply corrupt monsters like Obama Biden were? Just like when Bush unveiled his patriot act and we said but what about when Democrats (like Obama) get their hands on your great new Bat-mobile? Then it happened exactly as we feared! Obama is still in control of this deep state monster created by Bush 43

  14. The local politicians have just proved that they cannot protect the people. Sounds like the best 2ND Amendment argument the left have ever given us. I took my friend gun shopping. The firearm she was interested in..can’t get it. The manufacturer can’t make them fast enough. Apparently the entire planet is out of stock. I tried to take her months ago, but she wasn’t ready. Now she’s screwed. She will have to find something different. I am excited over all the new firearm owners, the record breaking gun sales, first time buyers.(as long as its not Antifa buying them. I’m hoping more liberals are seeing the importance of our 2nd Amendment). One person called the police in a panic over a threatening situation. The dispatcher, in a rush said, sir, our city is under siege. What do you think we can do for you. Do what you think is appropriate, and hung up. So that’s the state we find ourselves in. We need to vote folks. Dems can NOT regain power.

  15. The Outer Light channel posted a video which showed a CNN reporter saying “This is mostly a protest. It is not unruly but fires have been started”. Meanwhile an entire building is engulfed in flames behind him. Wow.

  16. "Looting" is such a harsh word, which might reflect badly on the perp. It's a micro-aggression that might cause butthurt. The left requires that you call it, "undocumented shopping." If you don't, you're a racist.

  17. The leftist media still can't tell the difference between illegal alien and legal immigrant yet they claim there are what, 6 genders? I lost count. What makes you think they can tell the difference between a protester and a leftist terrorist rioting and looting stores? ANTIFA wants a communist revolution. Ever heard of a peaceful communist revolution? Yeah, me either. Because it has to be enforced by the barrel of a gun, then you are enslaved. While Americans are still armed, not gonna happen. No wonder democrats want us to turn in our guns…………

  18. Bail is not a violation of the constitution, excessive fines and bail violates the constitution and even then the standards for fines and penalties are based on wether it is common practice ie unusual or not $500,000 isn't excessive for capital murder, capital murder, and violations of protective orders, breach of bail and violations of conditional release ie probation/parole are the only things the state can deny bail for. Someone accused of capital murder who was caught red handed would just flee to Mexico if you let them out of jail.