Not One Word From the Legacy Media About the Bidens Working with Chinas Spy Chief


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  1. 47 years as a politician . Bigger than watergate, corruption runs amok in the dnc, and there will be nothing in the legacy media about this. History is being written by idiotic communist loving liars. Smh

  2. It's being ignored because it's exposing the people involved in it that's why they're not allowing you to see this can have them expose their crimes. Remember they own the media

  3. I wonder what it would take to get a real fair and balanced media? What would it take to have politicians that are lying to the public through public forums or media to be held account? What would it take to have government employees (FBI, DOJ, CIA, etc.) that are trying to subvert the country for political or financial gains to be held account? From where I sit, looks like there are people and factions in this country openly trying to radically change America to something that would destroy itself from within. Very sad to watch it play out.

  4. Sure, nepotism and communist spy-chiefs and palace intrigue and treason are all interesting but what's all this about Hunter Biden "getting a 'foot job' from his niece?"
    What the hell is a "foot job?" Does it pay well?

  5. This is one of those stories that, if true, is genuinely a bigger issus than watergate. And the media isnt covering it at all. Its insane.

  6. MSM are equally guilty perps in this equation. When they misuse, misrepresent their raison d'etre, the signers of media political activist paychecks should share the same punishment doled out to traitors. And punishment from earlier eras that can't be laughed off should be reinstated. Or similar outrageous high level originating crimes will always reoccur.

  7. Politicians celebrities or anybody who tries to virtue signal about corruption are truly hypocrites who preach they want corruption out of government but can’t call out Biden’s corruption when its present in broad daylight

  8. We never need wonder anymore about how the German people could be swayed to participate in atrocities. The power of organized propaganda is on full display by the DNC and msm

  9. I am honestly sick of this story unless Tucker Carlson's documents show up and he can explain why he didn't email them or make copies. Everything else is just noise until I hear that. You are out of touch in the Netherlands.

  10. The whole thing stinks.
    Thr projection on the Left is completely unreal.
    Trump did quid pro quo….right That was Biden
    Trump worked with Russians
    Wrong that was HRC and Biden
    bUt tHeRe WeRe LeGiT aRrEsTs from the Steele Dossier
    What about Twumps Taxes…
    Why doesnt every single one of the Left show theirs?
    "The American People dont deserve to know"
    Trump has property in Ukraine and Russia REEE HES INFLUENCING THE ELECTION!
    Good lord the projection is so fucking vast it makes movie theaters blush

  11. China has every motivation to want to bury the story, you think they want their investment in Biden to go down the drain? Would you put it past them giving Twitter and Google marching orders? They give the NBA orders, so why not?

  12. I think it would be useful if you did a video on a breakdown of Patrick Ho and his activities . Because the public available information for him does not match up with Hunter Biden's elevation of his character.

  13. The media acting like it's a puppet with the Democratic Party's hand up its ass is going to backfire. Why? Because when you lie you insult and anger the person you lie to. However, those people don't get exclusively angry at the talking heads, writers, or even the CEOs. They get angry at the Democratic Party.

  14. Doing business in china and illegal activity in china is not the same thing. the dems and media are security risk themselves. the scary thing is how many don't want to know and don't care.

  15. why was our cia/nsa military not out of their minds that this shit was going on, and for fucking sure they knew the communist chineese and stalinists had material on the bidens, and likely clintons, obamas.

    they all parroted the same propaganda to a tee.

  16. Styx really appreciate your videos. As a professional cameraman for 35 years I just want to say one thing. To make your video quality top notch as it should be to match your top notch commentary, you should lock the iris on your camera if possible, or in the camera setting wherever it might be; it appears to be set to "auto iris" which means every time your hands come up into the frame closer to the camera it makes the iris close down a bit in reaction to the light reflectance, then reopen when you lower your hands. Actually auto iris always seems to over expose just a hair on the overall image. This is a little distracting. Seems like when you have your hands raised in front of the camera and the iris adjusts a little that is the best setting, whether its 5.6 or whatever. Just a thought, keep up the good work.

  17. Go look at the CFR membership role (online). Where was it that Biden bragged of pressuring to fire the prosecutor in the Barisma case? CFR. What is the program of the CFR (Trilateral Commission)?