Note: Your Leaders Aren’t Calling for a Boycott of Chinese Products over COVID

That’s because most of them have investments in China or donors who do:

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  1. no actually diamonds are cut up in india and thailand then exported out, good quality cheap labour diamond cutters

    also jack ma wasnt placed in a camp, just house arrest aung sung suu ki style for awhile to set an example

  2. It does seem like the virus was target to get rid of older and weaker people.. Coincidence maybe.. Or we have a problem and the means to attempt to fix it? it's like how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? the world may never know…

  3. Who is my leader? I'm not in the military. I always thought Americans didn't have leaders. I know I have elected representatives at the Executive and Legislative branches of the US government. Not trying to be smart!

  4. Knowing that they encouraged travel outside of the country but restricted it within the country, it says that they wanted it to spread globally. That is an act of war. Knowing that Fauci has stood with China and helped them develop the entire lab and process in the first place, and has tried to cover up his involvement and what happened there, that makes him an accomplice to a hostile foreign nation in their act of war against this country, and that is fucking treason. Fauci, Collins, Dazek…. they all committed treason. If China purposefully allowed a biological agent that it created to escape its borders, and infect American citizens, resulting in ANY monetary loss, or loss of life, then that is absolutely an act of war. We should have turned Beijing into a glowing crater 10 miles deep and 300 miles wide that you could see from space, that would be radioactive for 10,000 years, and that country should just be fucking over. That act of war was against the entire world, and has killed hundreds of thousands of people. It's killed more Americans than we have ever even lost IN a war. It's the biggest attack on any country in history. The US, the UK, France, and even fucking Russia, should have all agreed within the first fucking week that what just happened was an act of war against the world, and we should have JOINTLY fired nuclear missiles at Bejing, and vaporized those fucking commie assholes.

  5. Chyna is the new slave trade that the hypocritical lefties endorse whilst blaming their own nations for historical abuses. Styx is right we have been effectively abandoned by our political leadership and thus the law. In some circles that is called 'being sold out'.

  6. I scrutinize every product for the "Made in Chyna" logo and put it back on the shelf if it's a commie product.. If it's non food, I don't need the cheap shit anyway. If it's food, I put it back and look till I find a non Chyna one. I'm a one man boycott machine.

  7. The ccp scum had a choice between saving trillions of $$$ and millions of LIVES and we know the rest of the story. They were sloppy at first,
    but they definitely closed their interior borders and gave it to all of us or they would have lost literal TONS OF $$$. The ccp has killed millions
    of their own people! Why would they care about us, the ones that don't even speak their language? It's OK to hate the ccp, just don't blame
    the Chinese people for this. Should we, Americans be blamed for all the asinine things our government does?

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  9. Because our leaders sold us out to china while they generate billions every year. I don't trust any politician regardless of political affiliation. I 'm not gonna vote since it's a waste of time. They are all in politics for themselves.

  10. Governments may not be calling for boycotts but most of the people are doing it themselves. I will not knowingly buy anything from China and most people I know are doing the same. It will have an effect eventually. 🇬🇧❤️

  11. When I get gov't of canada warnings about covid I know it's a good video. Canada tyranny needs to be stripped naked and left for the polar bears to clean up, eh?

  12. Styx, I’m not a TV person, but I was in a hotel room over Christmas and caught a South Park issue that covered this exact issue. Very interesting, thanks for your insight and all the videos you make.

  13. You couldn’t design a better bio-weapon even if it WAS a protocol lapse. It spread end stage Social Credit Communism™️ all over the world.
    At this moment I don’t care if it sounds alarmist or hyperbolic. It’s just true.

  14. How do I know Styx is most likely spot on about this? Hes literally one of 3 channels left on Youtube who still get hit with the Covid disclaimer on every video.

  15. Now is the time to strike. Their economy is flailing. They recently exhausted what had been the world's largest coal mine. The NPC Show reports that some people are burning corn for heat. A strong boycott is a way to make internal division there, and undermine the five microphone guy. Check out NPC Show and laowhy86.

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