Nothing Remotely Controversial: Dominos is cancelled and people being fired for no good reason

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Written by Karlyn Borysenko

The focus of my life since 2012 was to bring sanity back to the work environment, because I believe we spend so much time at work that we shouldn’t be miserable. I have an MBA and a PhD in psychology, specializing in industrial/organizational psychology. I have my own practice - Zen Workplace - where I integrate organizational psychology and positive psychology with mindfulness techniques to help make work better. I’m also the Chief Science Officer of RallyBright, where I work to build high-performing, resilient teams.But that’s not how most people know me. Most people know me as a (now former) Democrat of 20 years who went to a Trump rally. The article I wrote about my experience went viral and garnered 3 million views in the first week. I was featured by Fox News, Glenn Beck, Dennis Prager, and on dozens of radio shows, podcasts, and YouTube videos.


  1. Why is it “somebody” (who ARE these people doing this?) can decide for all of us what gets removed? I’m shocked about Jefferson!! If they only knew he originally had language in the Declaration to remove slavery… and WHY do “they” get to decide to take away things the rest of us any want? Like Christmas trees in a town square. I want it there. Why do my feelings not matter?

    AND… the “canceling”’of these items is a group running around feeling powerful and I’ll BET you a steak dinner that many of them are just seeing how far they can push this idiocy.

  2. Does Josh not know that the more conservative Supreme Court (that Trump elected) just passed LGBT job protections? And Gorsich was a big factor in that? And that the roll back for trans surgery that Josh is talking about is EXPANDING doctors rights to not perform gender reassignment surgeries they are are religiously or morally against. There are still PLENTY of doctors that will perform these surgeries. When Trump admininstration expands the RIGHTS of doctors and religious freedom he is ALSO PROTECTING LGBT rights. LGBT community does not have a RIGHT TO INFRINGE on others rights…Josh needs to read up more.

  3. Slavery has been around since time immemorium. Sadly, still in existence today. Thx be to God Britain was the first culture in the world to abolish it in 1833!

  4. I don’t understand can you be a gay alley and be gay? This was 100 wrong, you don’t get to drag someone like that for supporting their president. I think it’s safe to say not everyone is obsessed with politics, and I’m assuming he’s not especially given the 100 followers. He’s not on there very often.

  5. Karlyn still thinks like a liberal, same as her guest. She doesn't understand that living in a Democrat state surrounded by violent democrats (read:communists) means that if you DO take a stand and wear your maga hat, you're probably going to end up in the hospital with a stab wound or cement milkshake to the face….

    Most of us adult conservatives have careers and children to care for. It's easy to say "TAKE A STAND!" without having to look into your kids eyes and say "my actions may lead to you being hungry for a while…oh, and we might not have this house for much longer either…."

  6. The fact that Joshua can’t remember all the letters shows how ridiculous it is. And it keeps changing. You can support a friend, a relative, Trump without agreeing with some of their beliefs. I suspect that all the Twitter threats are hollow. Most of these people have no “power” and certainly aren’t capable of harming anyone. People need to ignore these cancellations of business. I hope they end up “eating” themselves and cancelling their whole belief system.

  7. As far as people being made to feel as though they have no value, a lot of that is actually pushed by the far left to minorities, and it is exactly why people are being made to feel like they don’t matter. When i was a radical i had so much pain because i was told by everyone else around me that this country hated me for the color of my skin and my heritage, this message was nonstop. I was made to feel like no matter what i did i would never be able to overcome my race. The truth is that if you are repeatedly telling people of color that everyone hates them, they will believe it after awhile. I know i did. This is why the whole movement is disingenuous, because they actually don’t want you to feel good about yourself, they don’t actually want you to overcome your trauma. They want you to stay stuck and feel as though your trauma is a characteristic and part of your identity that you can never get rid of. It’s backwards and wrong. If you are overweight you are told you will forever be that way, and there’s nothing you can do to change, and if you want to change it’s because you hate yourself and because colonizers told you to feel bad about your body. There is never any progress, on purpose. They don’t want free thinking empowered people, and that is the most disgusting part of it to me. It hurts because i want to see other hispanic/latino people to realize we are strong, we are not weak, and so what if someone doesn’t like you, who cares! The constant need of external validation to show you that you matter is wrong, we need to be teaching people how to validate themselves, how to build themselves up. Because only YOU can be the one to say that YOU matter, if you know yourself, then no one else can ever cut you down. If you know what’s in your heart, then how can anyone ever convince you that your less then. Why should i give a rip that some racist somewhere in this country thinks i’m lame because i’m american with mexican heritage? I work hard, i have achieved what i want for myself, i make enough money to get by, and a little extra to save and for fun, i’m healthy, and try to do right by others, so if some racist puto thinks i suck, well, who fucking cares what they think! Their racist! They ain’t the creme of the crop, lol. It dumb to give dumb peoples opinions any power over yourself. period.

  8. I DM'd him too!!
    We had a little chat.
    I got his back. Bullies piss me off.
    I'm voting for Trump and the Mob can get bent, ?
    Must be my Red hair. ?

  9. Liberals/ leftists have deep feelings and are vocal about what bothers them.
    Centrists and conservatives have the same feeling's, however the difference is that we buckle down and consider the ramifications before we work hard to make it so. We just don't move fast enough for the liberals.

  10. I don’t think a man identifying as female should be able to demand services of a OB-GYN. That has to stop. Do you not see that as something that needs to be stopped. Why should any group be given rights over another. Mob got cha is NOT acceptable.

  11. I dont know anyone who reads Gone With the Wind or Huck Finn and thinks that is a good way to talk….

    like all people should have more responsibility and intellectual integrity put on them. I don't buy that teens are too dumb….

  12. What people are failing to understand is many domino’s stores are franchises owned by local families. Theyre punishing families that have nothing to do with the corporation’s message. Just like when people were canceling papa johns it was the individual local families that suffered that own these franchises that in no way agree with what John said.

  13. Send Dominoes a support email. It's easy to find their little email form on their website.

    Don't let the EVIL VILE LEFTISTS be the only voices they hear from! I've already sent my support! We need to be PROACTIVE and stop playing catchup defense!


  14. It's unreal how he's using all the sjw language and how absolutely skewed to the left his perspective is, without even realizing it. I love that he's willing to have a conversation and respectively disagree. Ii's amazing, I will never accept the indoctrination language or the perspectives espoused, but having a conversation is not about forcing people to agree with you, its to exchange ideas and hopefully gain perspective.
    I Too will be ordering Dominos tonight.

  15. No,, there's Nothing more with Gone With the Wind, it's just slavery, the immediate presumption that there's got to be more is why cancel culture works.
    I was engaged to a black girl, she would never say anything that cancel culture has come for is a problem, she is fully aware that the America of today is not what these lunatics claim it is.
    He will excuse any behavior from the identitarian left if it claims to protect feelings. We are lost if most people think like this.
    Nobody thinks its okay to talk to people like in Huck Fin, Nobody thinks any of the straw man arguments bear any resemblance to reality.
    THERE IS NO OPPRESSION, being dismissed or made to feel bad by a teacher or whatever is not OPPRESSION, our negative emotions build character, we don't round up a mob and show up to destroy them.I don't even bother engaging with leftists online, unless I accept the gift of women's they tend to get nasty, and they believe such insane things, theres no fascist thugs stomping their jack boots through the streets, if there was this would have been shut down.
    Conservatives believe if you dont like it just don't watch it, leftists can't deal with others seeing something they don't like so they cancel. I have kids, and resilience is the most important quality to instill. Your kids WILL encounter situations you don't approve of, all anyone can do is equipt them to make good decisions when they do.

  16. "Ante bellum" means "before the war." I don't know if it's ever used to refer to any war other than our Civil War, so, besides that little tweak, you got it right.

  17. The term gay ally doesn't apply to a gay man, and to suggest he somehow loses his "status" when he doesn't agree to an orthodoxy of what his identity group is "supposed " to think , that's the problem , not that the threats he received were too far but he had it coming for dating to treat the president as a human being , the identity politics in any form are toxic as hell,poison, a cancer in society that's offered nothing of value . So many things are said that I hear her batum in sjw speeches it's like NewSpeak. Nice guy, willing to talk is great ?

  18. Joshua sounds like part of the overall problem. "People shouldn't speak their mind freely and if they do-accept the punishment". I also don't trust anyone that uses the term "ally" and puts people into sub-categories.

  19. It's not that we don't express ourselves, we are just very selective to whom we share our thoughts. We just know it's useless to reason with spoiled, screaming children. Nobody has time or patience for that. We just express ourselves at the polls. You can't change anybody's mind. Everybody has to have their personal Red Pill moment. In fact, being covert helped Conservatives in the 2016 Presidential election. The Democrats totally underestimated Trump supporters.

  20. In gay and I'm just an Ally of the human race. I don't think the 'community' is for gay rights as much as they are for people that agree with their ideology. I'd prob be considered a self hater or something. These old wounds /scars from being gay and awkward in the early to late 90's. I'm 41 rounding up. That kind of fear doesn't just go away. Yeah, a little off topic. But, I feel the community is more an detention of the Democratic party. Why would would all the organizations push the dem party and hate the Republican party. If there wasn't an aliment. I feel I've never really fit in to a group. The closest to a group I seem to fit is the independent group. Maybe, I should look into taking part in something with the walk away movement. I'd have to see what events go on. I wouldn't feel safe doing this alone. The left are emotional Banshees. (See screaming woman meme for details)

  21. Oh Joshua; you trying to be PC about the "community" is so cute and awkward And unnecessary. Just stop and be yourself. Its okay. We are friends here. Everyone else, are just haters. And you can never please them, they live in outrage and they love it

  22. What am I called if I'm not an ally of the this community I cant even remember the letters anymore. And I was ONCE a supporter.

  23. Being cancelled is good for business these days. As long as you aren't dumb enough to cancel a popular tv show. If I was a shareholder I'd be pissed. They need to focus on profits not what the progressive want

  24. I've suggested as a compromise to canceling shows is to put up more warning in from of shows that may be offensive to children or adults with zero coping skills. They did this in all in the family. Why not just do that again. And that way, these companies can just point to this is why we put up a warning before the show. As their response. Plus, after seeing a warning a person has to be pretty dumb to still complain. Do you feel this is a good compromise? Rather than canceling.

  25. I was basically allowed to watch anything. And I'm pretty well adjusted. I think it depends on the individual child. I mean, honestly kids mimic parents more than tv shows. I feel. I was crazy addicted to tv growing up.

  26. Joshua is very left tonight. There is a reason you can still get works by stalin and hitler on amazon and other book stores. We do not want to forget these works, we want to learn from them, and avoid having it happen it again. In fact the first thing they did when they came to power was censor anything that didn't agree with their narrative. They had to destroy the past in order to make a new future in their image, and that is what is happening now. By destroying the past we are no longer building on it and making it better, we are clearing it away for the alt left to sow their seeds.

  27. Meny (even most) off the founding fathers were against slavery (even slave owning ones) but they knew that at the time culturally and economically they couldn't get rid of slavery so they set up the framework for others to end it in the future. Even The 3/5ths rule that people use against them was to help fight slavery. The pro-slavery ones wanted slave counted as full people for the census and the anti-slavery ones didn't want them counted on the census. I know ironic. But the pro-slavery states only wanted to have them counted for more power in the government (representation the house as well as electoral votes is based on population) and the anti-slavery states just wanted them not counted to limit said power. So as a compromise they put in the 3/5th (or 3/4th) rule. This way they are still counted but pro-slavery states don't get as much power in the government as they would have otherwise. And this is the only reason the anti-slavery state had the ability to later end slavery (lincoln would have never been elected had the southern states had more electoral votes and the house would have been majority pro-slavery to the point no legislation to free them would have made it through) .

  28. GWTW is one of my favorite films.
    They said it glorifies the confederacy and slavery.
    Scarlett and Rhett hated the confederacy and hated the war.
    They said the black actors were negative stereotypes. Yes pork and prissy are not good representation but modern films are just as bad with black representation.
    Mammy was bossy AF. She bossed Scarlett around and she was respected by those who knew her.