#notourbusiness Episode 1: Mullumbimby, NSW Australia

We’ve started a campaign for businesses that want to stand for freedom and don’t want to discriminate against people based on their medical choices.

This is episode 1: Mullumbimby, NSW Australia.

If you are a business owner and you stand for freedom, make your statement and add it to the hashtag “#notourbusiness” ….. Share far and wide.

Non discrimination poster download:

Businesses right pamphlet download:


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Written by Dreaded Cheetah


  1. Amazing guys way to go iv been wanting to move there ever since I visited in July
    🙏 it will happen soon. Stay cool

  2. Amazing!! guessing the police will be hassling businesses?? wondering how you'll handle it?…would love to do the same thing in our town….business owners are scared…even though we know the law is on our side…

  3. Hey guys, awesome idea and great videos. Just some food for thought. After watching both episodes there is a common thread obviously, organic and sustainable business. If this movement is to really take off you need to broaden the scope. I think the idea is fantastic. Its just kinda niche at the moment

  4. Epic guys. Well done. It’s great to see that some people are still showing true compassion and not that narcissist Nazi light vibe that seems to have infected Australia.

  5. Well done Mullumbimby , soon as the borders open we'll be down to see you and spend our 'cash; in your beautiful stores … Come on Byron live by your spiritual and ethical standards!!

  6. Excellent. But I saw at least one Mullumbimby cafe advertising their discrimination with only the vaccinated permitted to eat in. I will not support that cafe now or post December 1 when the medical discrimination ends.

  7. Awww my 💘 ok pulled on my heartstrings to see a town taking a stand together to love and accept all others. I look forward to coming to visit as soon as the borders reopen. Love and blessings from the tropical nth of Qld 🌴