Novak Deported Australia 🇦🇺 Visa Cancelled SECOND Time


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  1. Who is putting these videos together?
    Since Alex has been in Florida there have been a lot of clickbait headlines.
    Not good for your reputation Alex, using clickbait.

  2. Cancel Tennis… every player that has a shred of decency.
    Boycott Tennis… every spectator.
    They won't, cos their is no decency, but they will ALL know the outcome a sham.
    Novak is a winner 🏆

  3. really if you a star and all he should do is never come back again.
    there is nothing to omicron, the court says its good so, then he should be able to play he provided papers etc to a judge and now a man with no power says no. why did they waste the courts time if you are not going to follow the decision

  4. If the rule was you can't come in unjabbed that should apply to all but it was the Autralians who made the exception. They created this BULLSHIT. The courts did their thing and now the LUNATIC government are trying to save face. The whole thing is utter BULLSHIT! Come on Australia, sort yourself out. Remove these PUPPETS.

  5. The Australian open is now tarnished soiled goods vast majority of ordinary people support Djocovic and the Judge that freed him to play not the Media or the political shills pretending they speak for the Majority.

  6. If he’s already had the virus he has natural immunity so what’s the problem?
    Those who have had the vaccine are protected as well.
    All a load of bollocks.
    Governments have got too much power.

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