Novak Djokovic and the war on the unvaccinated | The spiked podcast

Australia’s Covid hysteria, the Capitol riot, Big Tech censorship and the Colston Four… Tom Slater, Ella Whelan and Fraser Myers discuss.

00:00 Intro
00:57 Novak Djokovic
10:04 Capitol riot
20:57 Big Tech censorship
29:25 The Colston Four

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  1. you guys need to do a bit more reading on the science.. the so called anti-vaxxers have been, in time, shown to be right more often than not – dismissing them in the way you do doesn't look good.

  2. Will never contribute or listen to spiked again, to hear the conspiracy theory label is a disgrace when covid passes and coerced vaccines is exactly what these people predicted

  3. The thing I do find interesting with the Q group are a bit nuts but gained more traction due to Epstein and noone in the US government addresses photos of Bill Clinton so it was inevitable

  4. Can we please stop lumping together people who’ve made informed choices not to receive a medical treatment with ‘anti-vaxxers’ that protest outside & sabotage vaccination centres in articles? I become frustrated with smart commentators suggesting that as a mid-20s adult with no serious health complications, who also recently recovered from covid, i’m somehow making an ill advised decision by not taking a vaccine that contains antibodies I already have & offers very little, if any, reduction of transmission. I can see no medical benefit to myself or others, just a chance of rare but potentially serious side effects. I’m no more dangerous or at risk than any other triple jabbed person in the country.

  5. In a society that has racism as its gravest sin, you'd have to be very strong willed to vote guilty as a juror in a trial of someone who damaged a statue of a slaver.

  6. The Federal Government -but especially the Labor State Governments – in Australia are genuinely tyrannical. We need help asserting our human rights and prosecuting the leaders who are denying them.

  7. Oh please, come off the 'uneducated antivaxers' thing. I love your show but please don't demean those of us who don't want the vax as people who just haven't been educated.

  8. You've been on the wrong side. Those disagreeing with government measures knew where this was heading. Get vaccinated yourself, and quit telling me what to do. With your complacency, You are emboldening the wrong folks.

  9. I'm starting to think this show is either sponsored by big pharma or just afraid of You Tube. Just look around at all the people addicted to antidepressants. The half a million people that died in the USA on painkillers. Big pharma are incredibly corrupt. In the USA they have ads for Pfizer paying for the narrative on all of the main stream media. I'm not the brightest lamp on the street but even I can work it out.

  10. Spiked, I'm not sure what you actually stand for.
    The message you convey appears to reside in no man's land.
    You are attempting to hold a position, a position which I believe is contemptible.
    The pushing of the vaccine at every opportunity distills out for me the evidence that you are controlled opposition.

  11. This channel just keeps marching ever closer to being just another MSM outlet…you spend your time denying "conspiracy theories", while discussing things that have come to pass which were dismissed as "conspiracy theories" six months or a year ago : incredible

  12. "Vaccination is a good thing". That is why I am not giving you one pound more. Imagine getting three polio vaccines and still getting polio. Can't you see it is not the same thing ffs?!?

  13. Novak somehow was able to get a medical exemption from the Victorian Government to attend the Australian Open. The assessment was made on information supplied, which the Tennis Australia chief medic has stated were not investigated re: veracity and authenticity of claims because ‘they aren’t investigators’.However, while he had permission to play the Australian Open, he has not satisfied the requirements to enter into Australia. Today, letters from Greg Hunt to Craig Tiley have been leaked which revealed the following:- previous infection with COVID does not satisfy the requirement of being fully vaccinated- quarantine-free travel can only be given to those who are considered fully vaccinated.- AIR can only be used for domestic citizens, and foreign exemptions are not worth the paper they are written on when it comes to Australian borders.- ATAGI is not responsible for the Border control and Border Force states that people must be fully vaccinated under ATAGI definitions to gain quarantine free travel into Australia. – more robust evidence of medical contraindication to vaccination must be presented at the border.

  14. The marxists are consolidating their power. Novak is just the latest example. Why would a peak athlete agree to be jabbed, when his fellow athletes are keeling over around the world, after getting the jab? He is not at serious risk from the virus (as is the case with the vast majority of the population).

  15. If you are making a case for media platforms to be unable to block users they don't want to publish, on free speech grounds, then you have to make a case for the forced use of the property of others. It is not a "human right" to use twitter, therefore twitter is not infringing my free speech if they ban me.

  16. The tent of the marxist cult is ever expanding. There is a climate wing, a woke wing, an economic wing, an entertainment wing etc. Now you can add a covid wing.

  17. Australian Fed govt doesn't run health.The State Govt do .Much like the US.

    You have Labour State Premiers and a conservative PM.Not to mention a Federal election coming up.
    All the states locking down are Labour states.
    Melbourne is run by the far left faction of the Labour party.
    Everyone is playing politics .

  18. First of all it seems very convenient for Djokovic to have had Covid-19 just about the right time before the AO.
    Second, with a net worth of 200+ million and having a horde of lawyers he applied for the wrong visa, give me a break.
    Third, he was not brave enough to admit publicly he is anti vaccine, he chose this sneaky BS way probably in fear of losing fans who are on the other side of the vaccination fence.
    My hunch is he pulled a typical Eastern European stunt, where people buy fake vaccine certificates or fake positive tests to get around the rules . He tried to wiggle his way around the law of the land and now it backfires.
    Playing the AO is not a right, is a privilege, behave accordingly.

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