Novak Djokovic Returns To Immigration Detention | 10 News First

Novak Djokovic has returned to Immigration Detention after his visa was cancelled for a second time. The tennis star will attend court again tomorrow morning as his Australian Open hopes remain uncertain.
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  1. No one seems to be reporting on this at all 🤣😂
    Travel advice on the Australian Government Department of Health website states that all inbound travellers to Australia cannot enter the country if it has been less than 14 days since receiving a positive COVID-19 test – even if the individual has been vaccinated. Nadal reported a positive test on the 21st and entered australia on the 31st…..
    🤔 I wonder if any decent reporter will pick up on this? I highly doubt it…. probably not part of the narrative 🙄

  2. 1408 men and 51 women are in detention centres in Australia after legally seeking refugee status due to real life threatening persecution in their home country.

    They spend an average of of two years in these centres with over 500, spending more than 2 years in these centres.

    This arrogant liar deceptively fills in the forms for his visa application after frolicking around the world with COVID, exposing others to real harm and is now crying because he got found out as if he’s some kind of oppressed martyr or saint.

    He doesn’t even deserve to go to the 4 star hotel where he gets food and free internet. Why the heck isn’t he taken to prison? Dodgy crook.

    Shame on anyone supporting this entitled millionaire spoiled brat.

  3. This man (N1) is not a criminal. Just a person who knows what is better for his health (better than Covid19 Constitution Policy with an imperfect vaccin). Freedom is better than fear also. Thanks M. Djokovic. Open can be the Open mind 🙂!

  4. So the president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic is upset that Australia want to remove Novak's chance to win again? Apparently he thinks it has nothing to do with Novak, not only participating in public gatherings and events, when he knew he had tested positive. Noting to do with Novak lying on his Visa application. Noting to do with Novak feeling entitled to preferential treatment, at the expense of the safety of the Australian population. But it's all because of the Australian government wanting to prevent him from winning?? Not only is that the stupidest thing ever, but it's also disrespectful to all the other players, who followed the rules. Alex Hawke has my vote even if I can't vote in there. 👍

  5. It can't be denied we are living under COVID facism. Time to start looking at other countries to move to me thinks. The days of Australia being a free country are long gone.
    Both sides of politics seem to be inspired by how China does Government.

    Novak should leave while he can, this country has become one big giant prison and has been for 2 years.

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