Novak Djokovic: “The System Has Failed Us..” | Reaction on Wimbledon Decision

Novak Djokovic: “The System Has Failed Us..” | Reaction on Wimbledon Decision

Written by Novak India Fans


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  1. I am surprised just how articulate and deeply informed Novak is.. though I shouldn’t be! His sense of humor has already revealed in the past, a very intelligent man.

  2. Failure means you tried and failed. The system is at war with honest people and the system knows is destruction. Honesty is thrown out the window because legal attempts are never supported by common people. All of this has been tried many times. The Roman Empire, Genghis Kahn, Stalin, Nazi Germany, Cuba, the USSR, and now the WEF. They all failed and the WEF will fail as well but the carnage left behind will be those who worked like slaves, slaves, soldiers, current

  3. Novak is exercising the freedom of choice which is everyones right. He stood up in Australia and paid the price for having balls to speak out. I salute him. The players who did not stand with him are new world order puppets like aussie politicians. This is sport NOT politics that does not uphold righteousness. Salute Novak one for the good guys many stand with u

  4. Very intelligent and mentally tough man. I didn't like him so much before, but now I admire him immensely especially with his stand against tyranny 💪

  5. I say that the system is succeeding. The more compliant athletes that fall to the Big Pharma final solution, the better. In the last month, there have been lots of runners and soccer players to fall. Only pro-human athletes like Novak Djokovic will be around when the smoke clears. Also, clean athletes will have a huge competitive advantage against those who survive the jabberdoo. So let the system stay the way it is. The problem will eventually solve itself. I'm enjoying it.

  6. He is the worst sportsman from almost all sports.
    Novak the complainer is the only one complaining so yes, he has to stand up. Probably bitched and cried to his coach first, then now started to bitch in public.

  7. You ever wonder that 'his' job is to stay in shape so that 'he' can discipline people who are not in favor? And 'he' gets to keep the gate from all the 'fans' who don't even know. Explaining where he got the money he has. And there are quite a few of them.

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