Novavax COVID Vaccine FDA Brief – So Now FDA Has Concerns

Novavax COVID Vaccine FDA Brief – So Now FDA Has Concerns

FDA has published the briefing document to be reviewed by their vaccine approval committee tomorrow (on June 7th, 2022). Let’s review the overall efficacy, allergic reactions, myocarditis, neurological issues, and deaths.

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URL list from Monday, Jun. 6 2022
Novavax Investor Relations – Press releases & statements

Novavax Investor Relations – Press releases & statements

Novavax Investor Relations – Press releases & statements


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  1. I had Novavax, checked in Canada 🇨🇦 we had 2 myocardial events both mild and done in less than a week. My brother was forced to take m(RNA) vaccine and is lucky to be alive, he needed a pacemaker because the so called vaccine burned out the bottom node on his heart. Why are we vaccinating people under 25.

  2. I can't help but think that the sudden outbreaks of 'monkeypox' are caused by the AstraZeneca vaccine which uses a chimpanzee adenovirus vaccine vector. Of course, this will be denied from here to breakfast time!

  3. What about all the non-Covid vaccines on the market? Pneumonia vaccine, shingles vaccine, flu vaccines. Let’s look at the data on those also, seems like we’re hyper vigilant about Covid vaccines but these other vaccines also come with various side effects including but not limited to myocarditis and anaphylaxis.

  4. So if you'll remember back to when mRNA jabs came out, there were no serious side effect cases reported to the public for about a year. In Oz, novavax has been around for less than 4 months. I predict that in another 9 months we will see the true short term effects of the novavax. It will still take 3 to 5 years to see the long term effects of all the jabs and those who "trusted the science" will find out the hard way how bad those side effects will be, while us unvaxxed will be watching and thanking our instinct to avoid it at all cost.

  5. Novavax has always been a vaccine that wasn't wanted. It took so long to allow the use from day one.
    Bottom line is that all of the vaccines have serious side effects and should not be applied like the flu vaccine. If you want it or feel you need it, take it of your own free will.
    Everything else is putting healthy people in danger and medically malpractice.

  6. Please return to the Pfizer factsheets of August and September of 2021…. Cominarty, still not available in the USA, was fully approved and if you read the legal-eeze, the Emergency Use Authorization version (only one in the USA) was indicated as different for LEGAL purposes (Pfizer’s words not mine) and there are certain ingredients that are different. Pfizer attempted to change/lower the dosage of synthetic Spike Protein (active ingredient) and change some other ingredients in the formula (this was in all the news outlet information) so as to have the mRNA not override the phenotype protection (this prevented the vaccine from being preventative…. As even upon encounter of SARS COV2 with Vaccine antibody protection, not applicable now as Omicron/Variants evade antibodies, our immune systems did not evaluate and make protections for the Nucleocapsid and Viral Envelope…. Again, the SoCal/NY study from July of last year revealed the truth … Previous Diagnosis/NI was Superior protection to vaccine). And Real Scientist need to ‘bang t the drum’ of the University of San Fran study (July 2021) that completed peer review and was published in October of 2021 as this study compared infection naive and previously diagnosed/NI that were then vaccinated: Vaccination of NI resulted in “highly significantly lowering CD4+ T cell response”, ability to make new protection for variants, which was not observed in the infection naive.

  7. Australia is totally a police state. The boot just hasn't come down fully yet. The vaxfree still can't leave or even work in some states. I'm waiting for the gul ag or the forced vax. And yes, beating and shooting protesters makes you a police state and not a liberal democracy.
    They also rigged our election last month which had record 95% enrolment and turnout around 70%. This is despite fines for not voting. I think they threw out the ballots for minor parties and there are a lot of stories from scrutineers of dishonest counting yet no standard procedure to resolve this. The people that made the rules thought that being watched would stop counters from being dishonest but apparently it doesn't!

  8. Why does Novavax cause Myocarditis in males under the age 30? Why does it not cause Myocarditis in males over the age of 30 or a material increase for males of the age over 30?

  9. If there are vaccines that deserve the equivalent of black box labels, the Pfizer and Moderna shots are those. Astronomically higher rates of myocarditis/pericarditis in young men, 133X higher. By ordinary standards, perhaps Novavax does deserve a label warning – but to not have it for the mRNA jabs is criminal negligence and political corruption. Fire Fauci already; we need good, safe vaccines, not his sponsored crap.

  10. its a bad vaccine just as the rest of the covid vaccines. can novavax explain why so many people dropped out of their trials? or why did they allow people in their trial to get other covid vaccines? how can anyone trust their data?

  11. Description : Lets review efficacy , allergic reactions , MYOCARDITIS , PERICARDITIS AND DEATH!!!!

    Well….I have my beer and popcorn ready…lets start with the review..

  12. Well known fact that these big pharma companies own the FDA. Take a look at the former and current FDA leadership, and then compare it to high salary jobs at Merck, Pfizer, etc

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