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Joe Biden reportedly met with Hunter Biden’s business partner at the White House, despite previously insisting he had no involvement in his son’s foreign affairs. #HunterBiden #JoeBiden #Politics


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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. A 12 year old girl traced the genealogy of all of the president of the US & she found & proved that every last one of them are literally blood related except for 2. President Trump & one other president from a long time ago was not related to all of the others. The same evil deep state cabal & the 13 blood line families rule the entire world & always have. Insane!

  2. how about talking about the pedophilia that surrounds Joe and Hunter???!!!!
    c'mon Russell Don't hold back and Don't act like you Don't know what I'm talking about!! Ole Rothschild crony

  3. Dear Russell.. when r u going2 cover the subject of targeted a ti since reading David icke books in 2014..its sickening the way n.s.a. n army r targeting an experiment n my ex set me up big time.his family I now know r Satanists.he put something inside me while having sex..then I left him n these ariels big huge ones n unusual as it's satalites there trying to murder already crippled as they trip wired my house with electricity..n r after my family blood lying here on my bed legs bandaged up2 try n stop this pulse from ariels under the floor..i need2 expose these freaks their evil m8.please help me n others who going thru this..their murderers n I saw them burying bodies in a house next door.i told victim support n crimestoppers.

  4. I have to say , as suprised as i was at the fact that a suit and tie from NYC would or could win my vote, im as equally suprised how much i listen to you, and enjoy it even when i disagree. Brother im sure we are worlds apart on so many topics, you get my subscription for being willing to discuss this stuff without calling me a fn racist or homophobe, zenophobe, masoginist….the term loyal opposition used to mean something , we built a 2 party system…who ever is out of power is suppose to be the "loyal opposition" keyword being loyal….is ok to point out your countries flaws, history, but ya dont destroy it….we parted with england to get out from under a king or queen and govern ourselves, but notice how most anericans feel about the queen, and the respect for the history and position, thats love…and i used to love our otherside… Increasingly i realised they are activly trying to destroy everything i love , being poor as dirt all i have sonetimes is my son and my country…try to harm either and ill fight to the death..thanks for just listening brother

  5. I have a bit of a different take on this business over the Biden's. I have been watching this slow collapse of journalism and responsible governance over the last five years. But it was happening long before that, and perhaps this overall narrative shaping started with the first newspaper. But today, 'shaping the narrative" is not so much about trying to achieve some sort of common good as it is about being a blunt weapon weilded in the interests of a small cast of shady characters. I first noticed something slightly out off sync when the story came out about Bush in Iraq with the troops and the plastic Turkey.

    Over time I got a better picture when I could watch how the media protected Bill Clinton on the internet.

    And then along came Trump, and what ever you think of him, he put them on a plate for all of us to see.

    My take on this stuff is that it's been a long, downward spiral to get to this point. What we once could only catch an occasional dim, shady glimpse of before is now in full view in harsh light, and it is so because the media themselves put it there.

    I and 5.6 million people aren't just watching this show because we like it, or the 13 something million watching Joe Rogan, or any of the other successful commentators outside the main stream media.

    We are watching this show because the MSM is now so corrupt, it is incapable of doing these types of honest content shows. No matter what show you watch, they are all trying to shape a narrative. But we do like to be given enough respect to be able to make our own opinions on honest information.

  6. Im sad to say but losing faith in the people in power is very hard when get a peak. For example the fact that both sides of them isle don't even read the bills they vote on and its takes a newbie to force them to show up and even do their jobs.

  7. This free speech, what is it?

    Does it mean someone can just say whatever they want?

    Does there have to be evidence or can free speech be an opinion?

    These are the questions I need answers to,

  8. Anyone reading this, I BEG you, do yourselves a favour, if you're watching this on a smartphone you have to experience this. Rewind the start of the video over and over quickly. Don't ask questions just give it a go.

  9. The scariest thing about all this is the people who actively support all this stuff thats going on and then turn around and call the other side fascists nazis.

  10. According to the media, all the woes of the world are down to Putin, Trump, Brexit and of course a bit of climate change! Obviously nothing to do with all the currupt fat cats getting richer at everyone else's expense! 🤔

  11. Thanks Russell for always giving me a laugh on the SHTFKERY going on world wide, and must say if you teamed up with them Aussie girls for a session of Truth with some comedy added in as that’s the best news service we can get, the horrible truth with a laugh 😹
    That’s not Co Cain it’s baking powder here some more pictures ha ha what ya gonna do ha ha. Lap Top, emails, hand in the pie of corruption for sure.

  12. Hi Russell, I'm a squaddie from way back, 86-91. I was there when the wall came in West Germany. That was the time to pack up nato. But the reality is that War makes money. 3.00 a bullet, soon adds up. I'm hoping that Mr T will make another appearance soon. Xlolx. Great site, keep well xwwg1wgax

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