Now It Makes Sense

From heroes to villains to quitters – how the front line of the pandemic got screwed while those in power partied maskless and Big Pharma made billions.
#Pandemic #Covid #Nurses


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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. damn…it sounds like we are talking about public schools…wtf??…the hospitals should be on top of shit…paying everybody right withrhem working hrs on top on hrs…wtf??? it's crazy…

  2. The vaccines were mainly implemented to try to instill confidence in the population to keep the economy from collapsing…sad. I think they knew they didn't work; the economy was the main concern.

  3. Welcome to Earth, where cash is King & the international banking cartel is playing God! If humans had any self respect they'd flip over the Monopoly board & string up the bankers for their treachery! Just a thought

  4. They have removed all ethical board members from the FDA, and many resigned also.
    Now they want any nurses and doctors who ho against their program, removed or pushed out. The only nurses and doctors the medical pharma Mafia want in their system are compliant narcissists, not the type Russell is referring to.
    Medicine of the future is to eliminate populations as they do already in plain sight.

  5. pretty soon we'll be able to see how well the vaccines work so ce now south korea is getting a lot of cases after being vaccine and we can compare somewhat to deaths per population for example Texas where a lot died before vaccines came out. since they use the same vaccines we did. if omicron is really less virulent then we may not be able to tell that much though

  6. Simply put; those in power no matter where you look in the world see us as nothing but beneeth them. Those to serve and nothing else. I personally think a great visual example of this would be the movie Idiocracy. They honestly think we are as stupid as the people in that movie. Watch it please if you don't believe me. No dare or anything of the sort just a good idea if you want to see where all this is headed if im right. I will give a hint though, a name really: " Brawndo "

  7. Re GA elections:
    Floyd Cty GA Elections Board/Commissioners have outsourced their HR dep RG to a hiring company in Bartow Cty GA, so watcher and worker apps all need to go through then! See below:

    "Please fill out our online application:

    PLEASE REMEMBER TO SAVE YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD. YOU WILL NEED IT AGAIN. WE Recommend using your phone number with numbers only for your password.

    The application can be filled out at:

    The instructional Video on how to fill out the online application is at:"

  8. I did not work in a hospital but I did work in a group home for the disabled which requires a lot of the same kind of care that nurses provide in hospitals or nursing homes including giving medications. We cooked their meals and some people needed assistance eating. Some needed to be fed through a g-tube. Many needed full assistance going to the bathroom and full assistance in providing showers. 

    Two disabled people I worked with lived in an institution in New York called Willowbrook the closed in 1982 due to its deplorable conditions. While family members could not go into hospitals with their loved ones, my job required me to go into the hospitals when covid was at an all time high. Despite the dangers, I wanted to be with one of the former residents of Willowbrook as she trusted me and I cared deeply for her. 

    She had different health problems. She didn't have Covid but it was difficult for nurses to find the time to take care of he needs because they were burned out and understaffed. She was blind and nonverbal but over the years I learned how to communicate with her. She was very smart and understood everything I said. After she died in the hospital, I was never the same. About a year later, I became so burned out that I quit my job. I still feel terrible about leaving but the stress was killing me.

    Ironically, I watched Russell's documentary (The Emperor's New Clothes) for the first time last night. When I watched Russell speak with a lovely disabled woman, it brought me to tears. Russell, thank you so much for everything you do. A lot of people don't know how much you've done for for so many people. I especially love your dedication to those suffering from drug addiction.

  9. I have a Masters of Health Science in Health Admin and worked in public and private settings. Private hospitals are allocated public patients and use their private staff to see those patients. the nurse ratios are built to make money. I did the budgets. There is no dispute. Many of these private organisations are also wrapped in religious organisations and it is said that the 'profits' go to 'good causes.' It doesn't. It goes to the board members fees and the CEO's to make sure that there is limited taxation to be paid. Investment in property is another great option for these institutions. I called the amount of staff that would disappear from healthcare when the mandates came in (I lost my job) and was bullied off the internet. And here are the figures I predicted.

  10. this is a long planned out method to sell off the NHS. my generation remembers the quality and the importance of the NHS, my kids generation will just see the NHS as unworkable and will probably welcome privatisation

  11. That thousands of NON VACCINATED Health Workers are STOOD DOWN (due to bureacratic stupidity) …. the very people who WOULD KNOW the facts regarding COVID stuff, AND …. vaccine damage problems….. is proof that the people running "Health" a) don't care b) are stupid c) are much worse than stupid. WHILE ….. there are SHORTAGES (that could in a moment relieved by allowing the un-vaccinated workers to return to work). We all KNOW that the vaccine/s do NOT stop COVID. So??

  12. RB the demagogue maniac doesn't "work" for free (if you can call ranting and raving lies working), but he thinks highly-trained medical scientists should work for free. He's alive thanks to them, but he's an ingrate degenerate drug addict who pays his drug dealers big money, but people with 8-12 years training AFTER college should work for free to save his sorry ass. What a disgusting lunatic.


  14. My 89 yr old dad who already has renal and congestive heart failure was kept on a trolly in a draughty corridor for nearly 12 hrs in A&E overnight after being rushed in with a suspected stroke… becauase there were no free beds. This was 3 weeks ago. I have heard since that this is very common.

  15. When churchill was head of the eugenics society, the man who was second in command started the NHS so why should we ever believe the system is there to keep us alive? For over 20 years prior to the plandemic the death rate was steady at 1 in 8 how could that be if it was random and not by design? Nurses and doctors go into health care believing that they do so to help but when they realise they are run as profitable corporations surely they all want to leave. 20 % have quit because they know the truth, but don't worry there are plenty of untrained under qualified immigrants that will step in and help cull us.

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