Now This “News” Lies About ‘Voting Restrictions’ (DEBUNKED!)

Now This News Lied? I know. You’re shocked.


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  1. This feels like exploitation. To be fair, so was joe the plumber. It’s all opportunistic and until we can agree on that, no progress can be made.

  2. Convicted felons while incarcerated can't vote. Based on your statement at the end of the video… You promised to now advocate for changing that law. ROFL 🤣

  3. Here in my country a 3rd world country to emphasize we need to register and have an ID to vote even though we don't have an immigration problem. And disabled and poor uneducated people would still line up to register and get an ID without complain. I really don't know why is this an issue 1st world problem I guess? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  4. Maybe that woman should contact Liz Cheney and complain to her so Cheney can stop saying 1/6 every time she makes a public comment.

    This woman is just making excuses. How did she sign up for her disability? How does she get groceries? She don’t look like she is starving. The same way is riding around to film this video, she can ask for help to get to the polls.

  5. Off topic a bit, but is there something wrong with YouTube because I got this video listed twice and each have a different number of views and comments. I'll post this in each.

  6. Damn. Disabled people can do everything except get ID and vote. They can go eat, watch a movie, go to the bar but anything to do with getting ID and they are suddenly helpless.

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