NOW will you believe?

Music: “Bicycle” by Kevin MacLeod.

Written by Thomas Wictor


  1. Tons of disinformation agents are flooding the comment section with congratulations on me finally getting on the Qanon train. I have no choice but to remove these comments. I'm a one-man train, and I don't follow Qanon. As always, leftists pile on, so they make it easy to see what they're doing.

  2. Holy crap, Thomas. That article IS the most important ever.
    I remember reading that EO (I check the WH website every day ot two) and I remember the voting machine EO and thinking… "that is oit of left field. Hmmmmm"
    Now it is clear..
    Also interesting is EO signed on oct 21 allowing termination of civil service employees for not doing their duty.

  3. I have never followed you before, but I have followed Q and the Anons for the past 3 yrs. You both have the same train of thought on our Great Presidents actions in the coming months. I was taught to question everything but to listen to ALL. I do agree with your video.

  4. Brilliant!! Been looking for you on the stupid bird platform, but you have flown. I do hope you return and if you do… please call yourself "The Wizard" which has always been my name for you. The initials fit as does the name. I do hope you are well and Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  5. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ We are currently in a constitutional crises. Our country is about be lost to a communist take over where we will no longer be able to practice the first amendment. We need to be protecting our President, he protected us Christians. Every illegal vote nullifies a legal vote resulting in Taxation without representation. Those who do not fight tyranny, are complicit with it. President Trump Supporters Are Not Uneducated

    Pls link this video thank you.

  6. ive never doubted or waivered Q has said it all along that we have it all and to sit back and enjoy the show etctec there is a reason that our great president has been ahead of them on impeachemnt,spying on his campaign etc and one coup after another there are many things at play but the most important IS THE POWER OF THE UNITED STATES MILITARY THE MOST POWERFUL AND INTELLIGENT MILITARY ON THE PLANET PEOPLE UNDERSTAND MILITARY etc they dont understand how powerful and intelligent military is this is way bigger than an ordinary mind can comprehend. this is war a different kind of war but we are at war

  7. The issue (even from the article) is to get the public on board through whatever means necessary – court cases, speeches, videos, whatever. Trump certainly knew that many of these judges or even legislators would be on the opposite side of this situation. He was not banking on the court cases being the end all. And the fact that his speech only dealt with what the court cases are dealing with, rather than electronic surveillance, national security, etc., is a clue to where he’s going with this.

  8. I agree. I felt better yesterday. Today the federal judge denied Sidney's case. He refused to recognize the citizen's right to address their 14th Amendment grievance in a federal court. My question is…"What happens to the Emmett Sullivans of the world when all is said and done?"

  9. I truly agree with your concept. Believe it started before Trump took office, he was the chosen one who was brave enough to follow through with the plan. I can't find your link to the letter I would like to read it.

  10. I don’t like new format. !
    I liked you being you & honest & wth !This feel generic ,my hubby thinks your a genius & I better not say anything against you
    We did get bumped off your subscribers we’re back on

  11. Thomas, I am definitely that guy! I was born wide awake and have had to survive so much soul pain trying to go against NATURE and approach life( energy!) With intellect? and live in the a black hole in the West of Ireland?????impossible for an authentic, empathic, loving soul. Words cannot express my deep gratitude to my Lord and Saviour for the abundance of Musical talent I was given to share with others and make a living. My soul is nourished and my heart is full. Much love to my hermit soul brother, who doesn't answer the phone either! The best is yet to come! You are a blessing??????????❤?❤

  12. When Trump made his remarks Election Night, he was very solemn: not with defeat but with knowing the scope of engagement this would be. I've never seen a more solemn and serious President.

  13. Carlos Osweda is a genius. This is what did it for me: Esper out: Miller, ECW, Patel in @ DOD. Why would DJT bother firing Esper over a lousy 2 mo? He wouldn't. MORE importantly why would Miller & co EVER take those jobs unless they had PROOF/Guarantee that DJT would serve a 2nd term. Taking a 2 mo job like this guarantees they're fired & never work in DOD or MilIndComplex again. They'd be killing their own careers. That was really all I needed, DJT will be sworn in just a question of how it unwinds…

  14. I'm behind, as usual, just seeing this. I totally believe you are right, Thomas! My family thinks I'm a radical for believing this theory. My best friend says she wishes she lived in my fairytale, and that she hopes my dreams come true. They are all conservatives. None of them have their eyes opened to what is happening. They only see nothing happening, NOW! I keep reassuring them, it WILL happen, probably en masse, in Season Two of Not My President. I'm so ready for Season Two. The First Season has been historic, I can only imagine what will be written about 2020-2024, and the Patriots that saved our Republic.

  15. Thomas, I was one of your first Twitter followers. You followed back and we had some good conversations. I ended my Twitter account yrs ago but came back to find your take on all this; here you are. Good, solid work sir!!

  16. i just pictured a mass operation where they simultaneously bust down thousands of doors across america arresting those involved in the election fraud