NSW Police: Utterly Compromised

How far would you go to protect your friends?

Ray Hadley’s defence of Fuller:

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Written by friendlyjordies


  1. Unfortunately this type of corruption is reserved just for Australia,this is a world wide epidemic and has been going on since the beginning of time.Even if we were to remove all the bad apples from the forces and government they will be replaced with a brand new set of evil bastards

  2. Everytime I see a Jordie upload I see the beginning of justice.

    But everytime I see his expose's I worry that he, his associates and all their loved ones are becoming more and more of a target.

    And yet knowing that, I'm just more and more impressed by the courage of his entire team to put justice before anxiety.

    Thank you all for fighting the good fight 💚 we the people thank you 🙏

  3. The scum put a PO on the Aussie Cossack who has a clean record and never owned a firearm, or fired a firearm in Australia instead. Welcome to the Nazi Australia

  4. We have so far 205 sheep. 205 dislikes. Why would you dislike the truth behind our supposed senior law enforcement. They're lie to get out of trouble all the time but we don't hear about it unless we have someone like friendly jordies willing to do what most of us won't.

  5. 2 sets of rules are a routine event when one of the NSW police heavyweights are sprung as full as a family piss-pot, or is suffering from some belligerence caused blood pressure malady.
    I remember the era of ex-hero cop Roger Rogerson in the past era swiping drugs from couriers and selling the schitt to some other bastard drug-peddling middle-man, that was when Rogerson was not engaged in shooting people he wanted out of the way, stone dead.

    Recently I viewed a television broadcast narrating the history of Roger Rogerson, in attendance a certain NSW Police Commissioner, one of the people sitting around a table with a number of others, was sitting quietly during that broadcast… yet, not a peep out of the afore-referenced Police Commissioner.
    As I had said initially, 2 sets of rules are in force among the NSW police force executive personnel.
    To make matters more sinister, the Police Commissioner is a mate of Australia's most reprehensible of Prime Ministers, one step down from the most treacherous J W (with a nose like Pinocchio) Howard.

  6. Mick Fuller is the sharpest tool in the shed ,on over $600,000 pa he is a complete joke thank christ he is retiring bring on the next puppet hopefully more articulate than bogan Fuller

  7. Jason, serving us with integrity, without neglecting his duty of care. Deserves a OAM as with many other paramedics that commonly are disrespected, undersung and in comparison to those crooks that are tasked to represent us in parliament.. Hardly rewarded for thier duty. Such is fertile ground for corruption to sprout, medics are seemingly highly resistant compared to some others.. Must be the lack of respite and … Hmmm Our Police too, they work hand in hand, to have such rotten leadership, rats in those ranks is inexcusable and is long due for a purge. As with our state and federal hmmm.. Obviously. 😎

    Being a medic is a saintly role, as a civilian and as a militant, is rules and a oath that needs to be taught to all of us regardless of our role and occupation, in relation to our medics and their partners with hoses and duty belts. ⚖️

    To fail upholding such order, is less than poor form, is against a higher ruling to let such things go unresolved, unaddressed, to allow it to manifest, decompose is another subject perhaps

    What's a Hague conventions of sort? Which ones to cite.. Is many.

    Australia is a stand out when it comes to not being a signatory to some parental/child issues however when it comes to medics.. hmmm. Can we sort this locally? I strongly believe so, as with the FC BS, PA, false allegations and mishandling of such.
    Is a embarrassment to us as Australians, it is in our best interests to resolve such a mess locally. Who needs a royal commission?

    Is interesting.. What good is the Hague for the most vulnerable in Aus? Let alone those tasked to protect them and give first aid, the first responders including our police..

    What a sham to have these undesirables in such places.. Is our fault for allowing it, for not standing up and demanding action as citizens, we can't rely on our representatives and our propaganda networks to convey the intel and provide a voice. We can rely on us, diverse and of different walks of life, yet with common ground and a broad minded moral compass, to stand united for what is our rights and responsibilities, as citizens, as unique parts of our patchwork fabric that makes us the multicultural democracy we are blessed with, yet not all of us truely appreciate, to do it for others let alone our own souls, we can set a good example for other nations, be a leader, a good shepard to our followers, our neighbours in peace. Dealing with difficulties as such without the divisions and time wasted, take responsibility, get the mission done, take the blame, admit our mistakes, learn from them teach our next..

    Think of our next generations.. What will be left for them? We all share the same boat.. Regardless of what nationality one claims, what religion or not, let alone wings and what part of the wings tickles your flaperons.

    Not much we can do to change that, accept it or continue to divide it and fight over which wing is best and forget the maintenance while the helm is unattended, without auto pilot? Metaphorically speaking? Can't fly with one wing, let alone with a feather in your hat. Dumbo did but it wasn't a hat and .. Disney.

    I'm awake not woke, I'm not the only one.

    For a magistrate to … Hmmmm.. Let alone what led to the case being presented as is…

    What are our courts for? Kangaroo's?

    Some obvious issues within our justice system, our parliament, not to mention the family court system..

    So much for upholding the law when the ones tasked to do so can't abide by it, from the head to the tail, it rots and stinks.

    Constable Goody wouldn't make it out of Goulburn without a skirt and a pretty face some may say.. I wouldn't like to be Constable Goody or a undervalued medic, driving trucks seems better value. Just those ETA's and aliens in head office that hmm.. Cut throat.


    Utterly compromised is a understatement.
    It's a write off.. Don't you think?

    PS Kind regards to Kristo and family, stay strong, and.. Thanks Jordy. TC

  8. As each day goes by, the more totalitarianism will set in. Don’t wait for others to stand up to this tyranny. Don’t be one of the lazy ones who did nothing. Wake up Western world, it’s coming to your town and city real soon.