NSW Police, We’ll Smash Our Way Back In

If you know who these people are I would like to hear from them.

At common law, police may enter a premises without a warrant in the following circumstances: by invitation, in order to carry out an arrest, on reasonable suspicion that an offence is being committed; or on reasonable suspicion that a breach of the peace is occuring or is about to occur

Written by Nunya Bizness


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  1. destruction of private property there was no need to smash the fence even if they were chasing someone we don't know back story but that was clear aggression and destruction pf private property the rest can be explained cops within their right to chase an assailant but kicking the fence in was above and beyond reasonable grounds

  2. Home Invasion, Violence & Kidnapping by Private Corporate Security Guards masquerading as Gov't officials. They run under an A.B.N. with current G.S.T. registration. NO AUTHORITY. Sue them each Personally.

  3. No respect for human life corrupt as shame on them they all should be sacked! but we can't really sack them when we are actually lawless! at the moment we have no government we have no crown the matrix just keeps running because we allow it

  4. Notice the unnecessary property damage. They always get you financially, any way they can. Charges might not stick, but court costs and damaged property does.

  5. Nunya, unfortunately I've said it to you before in my comments and this is just further evidence. Your country is lost. It's the fault of the Australian people for allowing it to happen. You'll never get your country back again. I'm truly sorry. Australia, who we in Scotland have allways admired.

  6. Thin blue line Gang up to there normal thuggish Gang behaviour, these people have no honour or integrity and there pathetic individuals. They literally think there a law unto themselves they constantly break the law and violate policy and procedure, there ego driven tyrants that get there sick and twisted jollies violating lawful members of society. They cover up for each other's criminal conduct because they are corrupt from top to bottom. I'm sure there's one or two who joined the force with noble and honourable intentions but the moment they turn a blind eye to the misconduct and inappropriate behaviour of there fellow officer they cross a line they can never cross back, unfortunately the higher they are in rank the more misconduct they've turned a blind eye towards. Unfortunately we do need law enforcement in society so thugs and bullies don't run roughshod over the community, unfortunately so called law enforcement are some of the biggest thugs and bullies in our communities now days. We need citizen review boards that review any officer misconduct because as is all to evident time and time again police can't be trusted to investigate police, they have a vested interest in keeping the public in the dark and insisting there above reproach and that there super heroes which couldn't be further from the truth, there humans with all the short comings of the rest of society, some would argue more so even. If you want to see an example of abuse of authority and corrupt cover up by south australian police look up Jason Scott on YouTube, there's a detailed explanation in the descriptions for each post. 👍✌️

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