NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet lines up Amy Brown for a political hit in the John Barilaro scandal

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  1. Mafia hit? More like karmic rebalancing.
    What a loss to the purse of the NSW tax payer if she goes. I mean remember when she was told the job was "a present" for someone? That's when she should have blown the fkn whistle on the whole thing, not sat on it for months.
    What we have here is a hypocrite who purportedly walks with Jesus one day and amorally goes along with ministerial shenanigans the next for big pay days. Typical public service cancer that needs to be excised along with the removal of these other political polyps.

  2. Labor, Liberal doesn't matter. The agenda doesn't change and the rorts don't stop. These people are all; overpaid, incompetent, puppets for others who are further up in the hierarchy of the wealthy elites. They are the sideshow act for a diabolical circus where the true ringleaders are mostly invisible.

  3. The devil is in the detail – of interest is the moment each time the ‘probing’ becomes uncomfortable for Mr Couttes-twatter, he reaches for the glass of water. Body language is an amazing thing.

  4. A bit like the Mafia ! What a coincidence !
    I don't believe in coincidence , l think the Mafia is alive and well in Aussie politics , l love all my brothers and sisters , no colour , just human , cheers

  5. Well Amy Brown will deserve the sack imo. I'm an ex NSW public servant and can report the public service has been politicised by the LNP like never never. EVERYBODY in NSW management now is an LNP party plant. It's progressed all the way down to Grade 8-9 now. These LNP plants are incompetent, know nothing, ignore legislation and meekly do the bidding of their LNP ministers. Predictably Brown was bending over for Barils and Ayres and will be scapegoated for it. No sympathy from me. If Labor ever return to power they'll need to remove everyone in NSW public service from grade 10 up. 1000's will need the sack

  6. Breaking news.Full exposure of lawyer Premier Domi and pseudo Government (on the evidence) protection of the corrupt NSW pseudo ICAC (who in turn are protecting judges etc),would be their penultimate demise.Hasn't been publicly revealed yet.

  7. “Incomplete and hence misleading”. A rose, by any other other name, would smell as sweet.
    The distinct odour of mendacity…these political advisers are dancing like a Sydney Boys High alumni trying to hold a hot hose to a burning house of cards.

  8. Yet Michael Coutts-Trotter was in the thick of things……

    5. Request for explanation went unanswered

    Ms West said she came to accept that the New York job would be a political one and that she could no longer go.

    But she said she didn't understand why her usual role, as Investment NSW deputy secretary, was also being made redundant.

    She claims her requests for an explanation went unanswered.

    "On October the 11th I emailed my one-up manager, Mr Michael Coutts-Trotter, the Secretary of Department of Premier and Cabinet.

    "I asked Mr Coutts-Trotter for a 15-minute meeting to explain my situation.

    "I did not receive a response from him [and] the next I heard from him was by way of a formal letter terminating my employment one month later."

  9. Interesting how he's got a calm demeanor while shitting on Brown but as soon as he's asked questions about the premier there's pain in his voice and hand on his head. It's all about pleasing whoever’s at the top of the greasy pole.

  10. If I was a Serial Killer I would target The very very RICH and the very very CORRUPT Politicians that have a Huge Disregard for there fellow HUMANS and This PLANET. Why do we except and put up with their behaviour?

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