Krystal and Saagar break down the significance of warnings by the US towards Russia about catastrophic consequences if they hit Ukraine with a nuclear weapon

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  1. Come on Yankees take on the big boys am getting tired u picking on much weaker defenceless countries killing children men and women.

    Do one better remember, preemptive attack? Go ahead attack.

  2. I've been out of the Marines for over 2 decades, and if I was called back up, I'd DEFINITELY want at least a couple months of School of Infantry training again. 2 weeks? That's not gonna get you up to speed on jackshit. It's not just about knowing how to fire a weapon. You need to be so familiarized with tactics, and especially updated tactics, that it becomes muscle memory.

  3. Would it not be helpful if we had some kind of relationship with China to pressure Putin on this? But wait. Pelosi did wonders for our communication with China with her little stunt. Even without that disaster Biden has not been effective in building a coalition against this blatant aggression and threat.

  4. Gawd these guys are a huge disappointment. Just a step above msnbc. No chance they're not taking big amounts of dough from an establishment aligned organization.

    Would the US allow Russia or China to form a hostile alliance with Mexico? No chance. Why would we expect Russia to allow the same with Ukraine?

    I cannot express how full-of-it "Breaking Points" is🤦

  5. Can we stop talking about tactical nukes in Ukraine as it literally makes no strategic sense to use one let alone the high chance that fall out will go over Russia with winds. People are just spreading fear for no reason.

  6. Why are they bragging about how much of our money they’ve given weapons manufacturers for a conflict we created for the weapons manufacturers? They’re just doing it out in the open now. They’re really still counting on boomers and the propagandized. My goodness.

  7. Wow. What has happened to Krystal (and Saagar I guess)? They’re just buying the mainstream propaganda hook line and sinker. Do they have ANY idea of what’s going on over there? Either no, or they’re getting paid to lie. So weird and sad.

  8. Yes, always believe anyone that says they are not bluffing. Lol. I know our government has to take Putin seriously, but I don't. It just screams desperation to me. Like, ok. You launched a nuke and blew up a city with it. Now you're fucked. Because the backlash is going to be armageddon. Putin knows this. Nuking part of Ukraine would seal his fate. He'd be a dead man, most likely at the hands of his own countryman, and that's if he isn't vaporized by a revenge bombing by then. I'm so over the threat of nukes. So is the rest of the world. Europe isn't intimidated by the threat anymore.

  9. We having f*cking imbeciles running things. When was Ukraine ever in our strategic interest? Only when it was part of the U.S.S.R., and of course our foreign policy was rightly centered on standing them off. Otherwise, Ukraine has never been in our national interest. Damn it, why did they surrender their nukes after the U.S.S.R. dissolved? Saagar is extremely sound in his understanding of Eisenhower's comprehension of "tactical" nukes.

  10. Amateur 👶 hour at Breaking Point. You guys are great at domestic analysis. However, woefully and comically inept on Russia stuff.
    I get it, it’s a hot topic and you want to cover it and at the same time you need to stay on the mainstream narrative as not to be labeled a “Putin lover”.
    In the process you’re damaging your brand and at the same time coming across as complete amateurs.
    Putin acted on faulty intelligence and analysis, but to call him rash or non-strategic harkens back to the Saddam madman narratives. While you could conclude Saddam was a madman, I’ve not seen anything from Putin to suggest that.
    Neither you or myself can claim either of these points as we have no idea what kind of data or analysis Putin and the “elites” were looking at.
    You’re better off inviting other guests with deeper insights and instead focusing on the domestic politics that you’re actually good at.
    Yes…we all know Saagar went to grad school at Georgetown and he has this chip on his shoulders to constantly bring it up. That doesn’t make him a Russia expert.

  11. I'm embarrassed to admit that I was a fan of you two before you started echoing mainstream media on the pandemic and Ukraine. You are NOT an alternative to mainstream media! Putin is irrational? He specifically stated that he didn't want to invade Ukraine and he would not invade if Ukraine became neutral and stopped committing genocide on the Donbas area. Who's paying you to not mention that? Putin's threatening nuclear weapons? He never said that he'd use nuclear weapons. It's understood that he, the US, Europe and every other country on earth ALWAYS has the possibility of using all their weapons if needed. Russia is losing badly? What are you smoking? Russia strategically gave up 1.6% of Ukraine while inflicting casualties on a ratio of 5 or 10 to one. MOST of the world does not support sanctions on Russia. Russia's currency has strengthened around 15% vs. the dollar since the invasion. Their economy is stable and prices are going down. Viewers who are tired of Breaking Points misinformation can get some truth by watching The Duran, Redacted, Jimmy Dore, Alexander Mercouris, Scott Ritter, Colonel Douglas MacGregor, Garland Nixon, The Grayzone etc..

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