Nurse at Sunny coast ralley speaks up

Written by Samantha Steevens


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  1. Finally some real truth from a front line nurse these truths are bloody disgusting and you'd think unbelievable but she's no reason to lie this is what's happening I say no more let's take down all those involved in this and rebuild our country back to a FREE AUSTRALIA

  2. She says the vac details do not go on your medical records, but your mobile number. That is not true. They are recorded on the Australian Immunisation Register, linked to your Medicare. It has nothing to do with your mobile number. The bad part is that she would definitely know this.
    She also says that the Australian bureau of statistics reports 108 people died from covid. That's not true. The ABS reports 920 people died from covid. Why is she purposely distorting some facts?
    The $2300 fine for refusing the booster is in Austria NOT Australia. There is no fine for not getting any vac or being unvaccinated (except for certain industries and that's bad).

  3. I have worked in Pharma for 13 years. The way adverse events are treated with these jabs are unheard of. Pharma companies are usually obsessed with Pharmacovigilance. They are hiding things

  4. You're very brave and we applaud you 👏
    . Shame on them for not recording the adverse reactions to these experimental jabs!! Thank you for wanting the truth to be known! God bless you and protect you and your co-workers getting the truth out!! 🙏

  5. I am from South Africa, we came to Australia and now we are being punished in a free country. What is happening in Australia is some of the worst corruption I have personally seen in a first world country. Please listen to this lady, we are in for a rough storm across the world.

  6. Big pharma is making billions and billions. Banks are maling trillions as people start using loans and credit cards and mopping up the biggest property buy outs ever seen in the history of the planet as people cant pay back house loans globally. Time to fight..literally

  7. This "week" (from 1st to 10th December) is Human Rights Week with the theme "Make equality your priority". Seems they like to promote equality for some but not others.

  8. She said that people who refuse the booster will be fined $2,500 – did I hear that correctly ????? and are the fully vaxed people aware of this??? Is there a link to confirm this please????

  9. By far the majority of the Australian community support the government Covid vaccine program, with 85% plus of the eligible population now double vaxxed. This group represents a small minority of anti vaxxers, unwilling to adhere to Australian public health orders.

  10. Unfortunately, "Freedom and Opportunities", went out the window when idiots started believing al this nonsense about CV19. Australia is now run like a dictator country – NK comes to mind and yet the fools still believe in the government – it's no wonder they are the laughing stock of the world

  11. I am Canadian and immigrated here 1 year ago with my Beautiful Aussie wife and our 10 year old son. I can’t believe what is happening here. It’s totally EVIL. But it’s happening in my country also. Please Aussies and Canadian citizens WAKE UP

  12. Full respect for Nurses who are brave enough to speak out !
    I’m VERY happy to get any medical assistance from a unjabbed/deregistered doc or nurse that knows what danger looks like! HIGHLY PREFERRED!!
    Stuff the system and it’s poisonous sickcare agendas
    Demonize the “deadly pricks’’ and all that support it! … The time is now

  13. How dare anybody equate vaccine mandates with real Apartheid – and I couldn't care less where she was born or grew up. "Medical Apartheid"? – bullshit. You have a choice not to vaccinate – no one had a choice not to be black or coloured.

  14. I was there and these honest nurses need huge praise. BUT seriously I am at a loss where INTELLIGENT people TRUST the GVT I am at a loss maybe we are some of those who cannot be HYPNOTISED.

  15. Shared
    On Fb Australians Not vaxxed
    Wide Bay unvaxed looking 4 work
    I want to say thank you so much for sharing
    And I hope more worker in any work force that have been told they have no jobs come forward

  16. I desire those who watched that very brave Nurse explain everything what the Experimental Gene Therapy Bioweapon will do and it's just only the tip of the iceberg. Will wake up, I was shocked to know those who refuse the Booster will be fined over $2,000 dollars which means in QLD really pushing the Booster Lifetime Subscription Program. When will other States follow and once the Booster eliminates the Natural Immune System that only way to survive is with the Booster to create an Artificial Immune System 🤔🤔🤔

  17. That was such a powerful speech! I applaud you for standing and speaking the TRUTH! There NEEDS to be a Nuremberg 2.0 trial to hold everyone who's had a part in this accountable for this mass genocide.

  18. Any reaction to the injection IS recorded, your mobile number is not used. She is talking bullshit. Many people get reactions for numerous medications. What she is telling you is total bullshit

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