Nurse Says Hospitals Are Full of Adverse Vax Reactions

Melbourne Protest on November 6th
Many nurses are saying the same thing. Hospitals and ambulances are getting overwhelmed worldwide

Written by supermot34


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  1. All these new political parties and journo's pretending to be on our side. Be careful folks. Unless they openly support a referendum to oust the Crown and start from new we will be in the same shit as always, just new Freemason scum. No referendum to oust the Crown, then no vote.

  2. Why am I not surprised? Thankyou for sharing. Your bravery to appear on livestream is so appreciated especially with the depressingly HIDEOUS BUT NECESSARY message. You are telling the world in your professional capacity as a h€@|th pr○f€$$¡○n@|! THANKYOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY WHOLE HEART! And most importantly I am so sorry that your dedication & professionalism is just being tossed aside like you mean't nothing? Pls YOU MEAN EVERYTHING… 💯💯💯❤❤❤💚💙💚💙😘🙏🏻😘❤🎉🥳🎊🎉🥳🎊🎉🥳🎊🎉🥳

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