Nurses STRIKE In Minnesota! (clip)

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Written by Sabby Sabs


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  1. I just want to point out that hospitals will literally put in granite countertops in their facilities meanwhile granite is porous and can actually hold in viruses and bacteria and other infectious agents so it's actually terrible for the hospital but they will still install it anyway because it's expensive and they got to be Gucci not to mention the millions of dollars the executives are bringing in

  2. Good video. I remember when Jimmy Dore and some others were attacking striking teachers over student and teacher safety and teaching conditions during the pandemic.

    This is how you support striking workers. Not by shitting on them, but supporting them.

  3. Thank you, I had no idea Minnesota nurses were going on strike. Tragic to hear that many are striking in protest of their corrupted union, a union servile to corporate and democrat party interests. POWER TO THE PEOPLE, NURSES DESERVE IT ALL!

  4. Hospitals have strike insurance to cover these strikes for what ever period of time; a reason administrations drag their feet.
    CORRECTION for the people in the back: the Replacement Nurses (I was one) are experienced, highly trained, seasoned and able to acclimate quickly to the demands of the environment – kinda like the military. Boots on the ground!
    The Replacement Nurses are usually oriented a week or more before, credentialed, and assigned to their areas of expertise . Most are fluent in Cerner, Epic, other Electronic Medical Records, and hospital specific policies & protocols.

    Sounds supportive to say do not cross the line.
    BUT, I am a Cardiothoracic Surgical (Open Heart Surgery) RN. When I worked strikes, there was no shortage of emergent patients needing open heart surgery! What if I or my colleagues were not there?

    IF, again, IF, an emergent patient presents and there is no experienced Replacement RN, and that patient unfortunately dies – the nurses on the line will bear the public brunt of that Sentinel event, not management! It will be spun as ‘nurses abandoning their patients’ and used to prevent future strikes.
    The Replacement nurses are not the enemy.
    Ironically, if Replacement nurses were not there, negotiations/talks/meetings could not occur. The hospital knows this! They could’ve prevented it over the five months of meetings/negotiations – yet, they have strike insurance; to wear the strikers down.

    Patients need experienced – boots on the ground Replacement Nurses. Healthcare strikes are not factory, auto, or other inanimate events, with “scabs”.
    Human beings and the vagaries of disease & care are involved.

  5. Healthcare workers and hospitals have been completely taken over by Corporations and insurance companies. They don’t care about healthcare workers, MBA’s make staffing decisions and it’s all about profit. You are a commodity and disposable. Go nurses fight. Behind you a 100%.

  6. These strikes demonstrate how workers are the foundation of society, not the so-called "job creators." After all, does the ruling class continue to operate while the workers strike? Hell no!

  7. “Scabs are usually crusty and dark red or brown. Their job is to protect the cut by keeping germs and other stuff out and giving the skin cells underneath a chance to heal. If you look at a scab, it probably just looks like a hard, reddish glob. But under its surface, all kinds of things are going on.”

  8. RN here. The media ALWAYS purposely say it’s anything other than safe staffing ratios and better patient care. When that is our number 1 issue. They do this bc they know if medical pros are protesting for it, then the people will. Then when the people demand better and demand M4A, the lobbyists, insurance, congress slipped with money, etc will lose money and power. So, the media makes us nurses the scapegoat per usual. Not to mention it’s mostly a female dominated profession and that’s a whole other story.

    Study after study medical wise and economic wise proves shorter staffing and higher patient ratios increases death. Safe staffing and patient ratios decreases death and saves money.

    Pay should be higher for all medical professionals. Teachers too.

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