NY Governor To Fire 70 THOUSAND Healthcare Workers Over Vaccine Mandate!

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  1. Jimmy reported on this Jama paper last year.
    This Whiteboard doctor link reviews the JAMA July 27,2020 paper
    78% of recovered covid have permanent heart damage. Regardless of severity, comorbidities, even with no heart symptoms during covid.
    Since the hidden damage was consistent across all levels of severity, there are critical questions …
    1… Did asymptomatic infected also develop hidden heart damage?
    2… Does the vaccine which lowers symptoms but not nasopharynx viral load and not infections also have a 78% rate of permanent heart damage from the virus?
    3… Does the vaccine protect at all from heart damage?
    4… since the vaccine creates heart inflammation in many injected (especially children), does the injection also create permanent heart damage in 78% of cases.
    5… since the heart damage is not related to severity of symptoms, is the vaccine causing permanent heart damage in 78% of all who are vaxxed?

    The rate of people sent to the hospital for heart problems from the vaccine is high (over 200 in Ontario Canada alone), and the fact that the heart damage was a surprise to many recovered covid because they never felt any heart symptoms, and the fact it was never tested, there is reason to suspect 78% of vaxxed have been given permanent heart damage.

  2. This shit is insane. Completely unconstitutional and debasing to moral of those who put in time and effort to work their asses off to help people. Only now to be demonized. No adult should be forced to get any sort of vaccination against their will, or have their livelihood held hostage, or taken away because they won't comply. Our immune systems exist for a reason. If testing is available then why can't people just get tested every week or two? There's no choice at all.

  3. the fact that the citizens just sit on their hands and bitch simply makes me shake my head. WTF ever happened to the mighty Americans. we are at a point that all citizens need to remove all leaders. this BS isn't working

  4. I've barely finished my first bucket of popcorn and they have managed to destroy America in less than a years with no regard for the pain and suffering of all those caught in the crossfire of their power and money grab. There are too many crimes going on to keep up with and the courts and the FBI do nothing as they are in on it. Well; better make more popcorn, as I'm sure worst is yet to come.

  5. Do countries that have large safety nets now have the least amount of freedom? Asking from Canadian. All unvaccinated Canadians are ALL on a no fly list now, including boat and train. People can’t leave the country and vaccine is fully mandated for all federal and provincial (state) employees.

  6. This is a collective narcissism. A Trump deranged neoliberal totalitarianism is what is going on. This is when leftist useful idiots believe in corporate democrats are "progressives". The woke mob targets the working class to preserve the hierarchy.

  7. "They" do literally everything to keep the numbers high. They've totally lost it. Shameless. Anything goes to procede with the communist, totalitarian 2030 agenda of the WEF. The Great Reset is happening. This medical experiment is a war on humanity.

  8. This guys bias immediately noticed when he spouts "they do not consider whether these workers go hungry in a tight job market". Hello you just said there's a Healthcare worker shortage a minute ago, they can find jobs instantly in Texas and Florida and pretty much anywhere else other than New York. Also, doctors and going hungry never go in the same sentence, people making an excess $250K+ a year driving Rolls Royce and Mercedes they DONT go hungry, ever. Your bias just too blatant to continue watching.

  9. Don't call it an attempt to "convince" anyone. It's an attempt to COERCE.
    Do as we say or you will lose your job, your ability to earn a living and support yourself and your family, your right to travel, etc…
    Biden is only a step or two away from a full on despot. He should be dragged out of office by his eyelids and strung up for treason.

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