NY Post Proves Joe Biden & Hunter Biden Lying, Twitter Censors Story | DIRECT MESSAGE | RUBIN REPORT

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report discusses the Hunter Biden and Burisma scandal that appeared in the New York Post, Twitter’s censorship of the story, and Kamala Harris trying to make a joke on the Rachel Maddow Show. Yesterday the NY Post reported on emails between Hunter Biden and Vadym Pozharskyi the adviser to the board of the Ukraine based Burisma Holdings. The emails suggest that Hunter arranged a meeting between Pozharskyi and his father Joe Biden. Less than eight months later the then-vice president pressured Ukrainian leaders to get rid of Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin by threatening to withhold a $1 billion US loan guarantee during a December 2015 trip to Kiev. Next people realized that Twitter was blocking the story from being shared. White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany and many others were locked out of their social media accounts for trying to share it. Dave even got a response from Jack Dorsey when he asked him if they censor certain political beliefs. The other big tech giant Facebook was also prohibiting the circulation of the story.

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  1. Because you are a better journalist than the actual journalist although you’re NOT one. ? thanks for giving it straight and correcting your mistakes! Love watching!?

  2. Don't worry Dave the rate at which Webster is "updating" their definitions lately based on an apparent "overwhelming majority of people" changing their application, it'll likely be different definition next week anyway.
    Good on you for setting the record straight though mate

  3. Politicians BRAZENLY Lie regardless of the truth. FBI & other ABC agencies LEAK, LIE, & Layout Treasonous traps against the People's Choice, POTUS 45.

    Network, cable, & other news companies conspire with them to continue the seditious activity.

    Communist big tech censors, slicing their own throats to satisfy China, are openly castrating Conservative thoughts & protect the Guilty Treasonous Gangs!

    If ALL these Treasonous people are NOT corralled we will NOT survive as a Nation!!! FREE to the End

  4. I know this is shallow and not a given, but ever since I saw and heard Rachael Maddow I thought her personality feels exactly like how she looks, it just does. She reminds me of horrible school teachers, or miserable nags.

  5. Self Appointed/Anointed Fact Checker (me) Definition “Butter Fly Effect” DR is correct. See YT, FB, Twatter we are capable of our own fact checking. Don’t need you to fact check what we watch!!!!

  6. Get your facts right the laptop was droped off for repair as he did not come back for the laptop after 90 days the shopkeeper tried to contact him but had no joy he then legaley owned the laptop he the got in touch with the FBI because of the content but they were not intrested so he got in touch with gulliani who then got in touch with the washington post

  7. There is a simple solution. Upload the entire hard drive on the New York Post website and allow people to download it as they wish. I bet, every Twitter and Facebook employee would be standing in line to download it. I bet every Democrat would want to download it to see if their leaders can be corrupt and liars as the Press is telling them 'it ain't true'.

  8. If this all turns out to be true and Biden ends up out of the race within the next few weeks, what will happen then? Or, if he somehow gets elected then impeached due to it being true, what will we end up with, Kamala and Bernie? Does anyone think maybe this was all a setup within the dems to prep for someone else coming in as the candidate? Nothing would shock me at this point. Now all the news outlets are crying "Russia interference" again. Even if Russia somehow hacked his laptop and provided the data to Rudy, it may still very well be true. Biden's silence on the whole thing is speaking volumes.

  9. What was the point of turning our stomachs and so severely insulting the female gender as well as the human race with that clip of those 2 supremely disgusting beings at the end ?? They are so far beyond anything that might be noble or virtuous to being 100% nauseous.

  10. Seriously crooked and Freedom of speech being obstructed. All illegal and we don’t need China blackmailing a President. Security of our country at risks by Bidens. You know China has the goods on the Bidens. Hunter lives a disgusting life and he’s stupid enough to fall in their hands. Laptop is proof.

  11. The butterfly effect is measured through time where a butterfly flapping its wings in the past can have major impacts in the future (hence the film about time travel).

    The Streisand effect is where the scandal of trying to forcefully take down a piece of sensitive information draws way more scandal & attention to it than doing nothing. Like photos of Barbara Streisand's house, the Fappening and Hunter Biden photos (crack addicts were voting Democrat anyway).

  12. Um, yeah. Because twitter and other reputable media outlets actually fact check. Not like State media fox. And this guy, he’s actually gaslighting, by trying to convince you the media is gaslighting you. I’ll take the word of the FBI and CIA, both of which have cleared the Biden’s of any wrong doing.

  13. Could you see the food in Kamala's teeth when she was trying to talk down to our soon to be new justice? It was nasty!!! So go back and look at the last time she had to try to convince herself she might be able to fool the judge into thinking she had something other than a pea brain.{now that was funny}

  14. I am impressed that Dave Rubin can admit to making an error, and he does it simply without an attitude. It's so refreshing, and almost unbelievable in today's world. Kudos, Dave!

  15. I believe it's called the Streisand effect Pal. Butterfly effect is a butterfly flaps his wings on the other side of the world and it creates a hurricane or something to that effect