NY Requires Social Media To MONITOR ‘Hateful Conduct,’ RAISES Age To Purchase Semiautomatic Weapons

Executive director at Ultra Violet, Shaunna Thomas, and GOP strategist, Melik Abdul, debate social media content moderation in light of last month’s past shootings.

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  1. No one states we have to accept gun violence at any cost. But it’s hard to have a respectable discussion if one side, namely the Left, barely holds any person responsible for their actions. Does San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia’s Soros backed DA’s right a bell? These DA’s repeatedly let offenders go only for them to return hurting law abiding citizens. Like it takes two to tango it takes the offender and not just a gun to get people killed.
    How about dealing with mentally Ill and bad people for a change.🤔

  2. It's The Briahna Show… and if you try to say something she will shout over you and start arguments.Robby finally had enough but she does this all the time starting an argument to where the guests are completely forgotten by her. Shaunna gets caught up in misogyny which is not the issue they're talking about and we see high levels of philogyny as well and she doesn't even mention this… just say hatred based on gender and you cover both.

    Bring back that woman they had yesterday as she was respectful and still got her points across without arguing and forgetting you even have guests which Robby tries to remind her about and the guests then have to interrupt her to get a word in edgewise and then its the Briahna show again.

  3. This lady is so ideologically-possessed that you can predict her position on any issue before she states it, which means that she does not exist as a unique person with a unique perspective

  4. In a segment about mass shooting prevention, why does that lady only want to focus on misogyny? The last I heard, none of the mass shooters have shot only women and let the men go.

  5. Mass shootings don't only happen in the U.S.. People often say that they happen far less in other countries, but the countries they point to have significantly smaller populations so you can't just compare the numbers, you have to do a ratio to account for the difference in population.

  6. I love hateful content reporting required…so mass shooters just remember make sure you are only hating the right and your posts will be fine. Yippee, here we go with all the Hate speech definitions, Shaunna sends up the red flag. Monitoring is actually, a call for censorship. Social beneficial is again in the eye of the beholder. Glad to see New York new laws, think it will be a great case study on effectiveness.

  7. I would go out on a limb and say the majority of gun violence isn't due to social media comments or hate speech. 2ndly the majority of gun violence isn't mass shootings, however, it's easy to conflate the two when you're trying to manufacture a one size fits all policy.

  8. That’s a bit too far to say that hateful conduct is misogyny. Hateful conduct is hateful conduct. Some of it may be misogynistic in nature. It’s important to recognize the contempt in which men are spoken about in todays feminist political culture.

  9. Stop and frisk. Stop and frisk. Hmmmm. Because the stop rate will not be the investigated rate. Have these folks not see the similarities and who you think will be most hurt by this approach.

  10. Oh, Lord. Briahna will always argue according to her perceived political interests without regard for principles or consistency.

  11. Of the left ever calls the right racist we need only to listen to this section of rising. Monitoring of free people. Not defining anything. No accountability.

  12. The 28% minority polled are not fools, and are most likely well-armed. The state’s police powers imply no duty to protect, as upheld by a Rehnquist SOTUS decision. The onus is on us.

  13. I think that partly this can be blamed on the victim mentality that is todays culture. If you convince people they are victims they will act accordingly

  14. This whole discussion is POLITICAL. Our Constitution shall NOT be infringed…After that it is Law Enforcement duty to fight the criminal out on the streets where gun violence is occurring. It is not the law abiding citizen that you need to worry about, only criminals are committing the crimes. Stop targeting citizens across America.

  15. The most common used gun in mass shootings is the AR-15.
    New York increases the age for automatic assault rifles.
    Prove that politicians don't know what they're talking about, the AR-15 is not categorized as an automatic assault rifle.

  16. I'm with the two men on this today. They are the only ones speaking rationally and with common sense. The two women are making too many generalizations that should not be applied to society as a whole. More and more I find myself yelling at the screen when Brianna is speaking. Where is Ryan when you need him?

  17. So if hateful conduct on social media platforms is required to be reported, will Briahna be reported? Last week she said Robby wants children to work in mines. And just curious, is talking about toxic masculinity "his-ogyny?"

  18. So according to this woman if you make a joke about all women being crazy or or something along those lines you should be reported as a potential mass shooter. Sounds like to me you want to use this new law to be able to disarm your political opponents or anyone who has a viewpoint you don't like

  19. They guys are the only ones sounding logical. I'm a women…btw. And no one mentioned there are already Red Flag laws in NY. They didn't stop anything. Because the problem is mental illness. Can't fix that if we chase all these other things that really aren't the problem.

  20. I understand her point on misogyny bc one thing that these lunatics do have in common is their hatred of women as well as racial and ethnic minorities. So just thinking about how this could be relevant to mass shootings… if someone is online consistently spewing hate filled rhetoric about women and they are reported for it, then it may give the gov a chance to get them on their radar for monitoring before they attempt a mass shooting.

    The problem, of course is the subjectivity of hate speech. What someone deems “hate speech” is still legally protected speech so IF there is any plan to monitor this speech, then they will have to be very specific and strict as to what they are labeling as “hate speech”. Idk what the answer is, but I do know that there are clear patterns associated with the perpetrators of mass shootings and if these patterns can be brought to the attention of the authorities before these massacres occur it would certainly be a good thing.

  21. That Shaunna chick is a crazy woman! Wait… does this mean the govt can come take my guns? Also, misogyny is defined as "dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women."     What is a woman?

  22. Someone has to explain how they can know the intent behind a tweet. Is there mind reading involved? Can people or algorithms determine sincerity from sarcasm? Isn’t this presuming guilt without a trial? Don’t words have multiple definitions?

  23. Mass shootings are not uniquely American. The US conducts mass shootings and atrocities all over the world, the worlds largest arms dealer. Why are we surprised at mass shootings?

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